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Very pour data of Nunavut. Why not integrate the BNDT dataset from Department of Natural Resources Canada?

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asked 27 Mar '14, 17:51

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In general the OSM community is very sceptical about imports:
But of course you can ask the local community about details in this particular case.

(27 Mar '14, 18:18) iii

I tried to find something in the link local community but the overview is so bad, I have no idea where I should ask.

(27 Mar '14, 18:26) ivolino

Chances are the nunavut community is smal. Contact local mappers, and maybe the Canadian mailing list.

(27 Mar '14, 18:45) yvecai

Where can I find the Canadian mailing list? Really the website is so confusing.

(27 Mar '14, 18:56) ivolino

BNDT (or NTDB in English) is old and I believe is no longer being updated. It has been superseded by CanVec, which is available to be imported into OSM. You still might want to pose your concerns to the Talk-CA mailing list, though.

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answered 27 Mar '14, 19:03

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Some of the data for Iqaluit has CanVec listed as the source (e.g. the airport) by user "farad". (I don't know who that is but maybe s/he is active on the mailing list.)

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answered 31 Mar '14, 01:40

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