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My town, Maywood, N.J., has a few roads that are not really roads but foot paths. As such for some reason GPS and other locations list them in the wrong areas. For example. My address is 41 Buckingham Ct. but if you look on your map you would put it in a back parking lot instead of on the actual Buckingham Court which is located about 20 to 50 ft east of the lot you have it in. (or as it was probably know when it was developed years ago Buckingham COURTYARD) The same an be said for the local "streets" hampton court(20 feet west), Marlboro court (recently added parking lot so this one is Pretty much on target), Etc. I can send a picture that illustrates this but I am hoping you can corret this error so when I use your maps people can find me (along with the others in their perspective courtyards)

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You can mark where OpenStreetMap is incorrect by placing Notes on the map giving an explanation of the problem. To do this:

  • Find the place where the error occurs
  • Zoom in as much as possible and centre the map on the location
  • Click the Note icon on the right-hand side of the map. It looks like a speech bubble
  • Enter a description of the error, providing as much information as you can
  • Check the location of the marker, and drag it to a more accurate location if necessary
  • Click "Add Note"

Now other mappers will be able to see the information you've entered and can correct the errors if you've provided enough information to do so.

It's also possible to fix any errors yourself. Start by reading the Beginners' Guide on the wiki

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answered 24 Mar '14, 09:52

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Your area has good quality Bing background images available, when you start to edit which makes work much easier. You could spend ages reading advice on which editor to choose or just try this one if I can use it, it must be easy! I have tried the others. I am sure you will soon get an going ok. Good luck just ask if you need help.

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answered 24 Mar '14, 14:19

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