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I want to create auto complete address search control. Is open street map provide any API which returns address list on basis of character typed.

example. If I am in India and I type "g" then it should result in Gujarat, Goregao, Gajiabad, etc...

Is there any sample example?

Thanks Hardik Pancholi

asked 24 Mar '14, 06:09

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No, OpenStreetMap does not provide any kind of type-ahead geocoder or address search. You would have to build that yourself based on a database import that you perform on your own server.

There is a third-party public service that does auto-complete from three characters here: - read the terms of use at the bottom of the page. The software used there is openly available so you can set up this service on your own machine if you want.

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answered 24 Mar '14, 07:41

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... also see for more solutions ... try Pelias online demo by mapzen.

(29 Mar '16, 17:11) stephan75

A great blog describing 14 address finders that could help:

Have a look at this post, exploring 12 tests for fuzzy address matching, to help you evaluate different address validation and address autocomplete providers.

If you're after a free address finder for NZ addresses, with data sourced from the New Zealand Post Address File (PAF) and Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) database then should be at the top of your list.

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answered 23 Jul '18, 22:43

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The question was answered 4 years ago.

(24 Jul '18, 21:48) SimonPoole ♦

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