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When using auto-routing on my GPS whenever the track meets a car park the GPS will try and find a way around it or changes my 'preferences' to direct to'. On one particular route the automatically generated route will add about 5 km of road and bike track to 'get around' about 50m of car park! Is there a way to treat car parks as both a physical thing and traversable objects like cycle paths or roads such that auto-routing will still work?

asked 19 Feb '11, 06:46

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In my ears that sounds a litte bit like a router specific problem. But anyway, do you have a map link or lat/long to a car park where that problem occurs, so people can look further into it?

What GPS model do you use?

From where do you get the GPS map files?

(19 Feb '11, 06:51) gnurk

One can map the "roads" in car parks as ways with highway=service and service=parking_aisle. But I'd consider every router that uses parking aisle as shortcuts to be quite broken.

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answered 19 Feb '11, 11:32

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when map was made the car park must have joined some roads for instance two controlled entry's ,not a problem on a bike or foot but if you have to pay to enter or exit a car it is.this could be hard to tag

(19 Feb '11, 14:13) andy mackey

perhaps splitting car park into two would solve the edit problem and the auto routing

(19 Feb '11, 14:15) andy mackey

where is it? some body will edit the map if you tell then where. but you will have to wait for the update on the GPS map and then update the gps with it

(19 Feb '11, 14:20) andy mackey

In some jurisdictions/countries/cities it's legal to use parking aisles as shortcuts provided you observe the speed limit. It is therefore good practice to tag as much information as possible. Fortunately you have a number of access tags to choose from, incl "no", "yes" and "destination".

(19 Feb '11, 19:26) Nic Roets

I'm assuming you are routing in bicycle mode.

Firstly, make sure that there is no trivial problem with the data. If there is a service way that runs through the parking lot, it will have to be tagged with bicycle=yes. If there is a gate or other barrier along the this way, make sure it is also tagged with bicycle=yes, as the default is access=no. If the service road is closed to the public, and you have special permission to use it, tag it with access=no and use multi point routing tool that allows you skip over the service way.

Now let's assume the parking lot is complete unorganized space and it would be wrong to add a routable way through it. Then the bad news is that I have never hear of any production quality street map routing software or firmware that can route through a polygon. One of the reasons is that it's more computationally expensive. The other reason if that it's quite rare and the detours are typically not very long.

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answered 19 Feb '11, 18:17

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Nic Roets
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If the car park is in the UK ( I have that map on my garmin) please tell us where,I'll feed it into my Garmin and see if it duplicates the problem, that will tell us if its a device or device software problem. Somebody could also edit the car park with a dividing line so hopefully the routing prog in your device sees a dead end. If OSM is edited it wouldn't solve the problem until you had the new OSM (the just edited) map in your device and if you use a download that in created by someone else it could be a week or two before you could install it

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answered 20 Feb '11, 17:02

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andy mackey
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