Hi, all I try to do indoor map android application with josm. I do this last.

indoorosmwiki said "Room number and name is entered in the ref= and name= tag." I think this tag means which is using on xml.. If I understand wrong sorry, it is cause, google translate some times convert wrong.

I asked How can I give name to room on josm..

I do this due to scai

 <relation id='-134' action='modify' visible='true'>
        member type='way' ref='-92' role='room3' />
        member type='way' ref='-76' role='room2' />
        member type='way' ref='-76' role='room4' />
        tag k='room' v='102' />
        tag k='room1' v='105' />
        tag k='room33' v='106' />

How can I search this class ? I added this maps.xml,jar,library on eclipse I want to do below picture

This is my last work

alt text

asked 22 Mar '14, 18:43

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Ayse duygu
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Can you rephrase your question in your mother tongue? I have absolutely no idea what you are asking.

(22 Mar '14, 19:35) scai ♦

note: there is a previous (apparently related) question form Ayse, might help to read it: adding-indoor-data-on-josm.

(22 Mar '14, 19:49) aseerel4c26 ♦

Same for me. You know this page? http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Indoor_mapping

(22 Mar '14, 19:49) iii

yes I know it. I try to understand it I try to learn josm at same time.

(23 Mar '14, 07:35) Ayse duygu

IMHO you should start learning general OSM editing first. Then thinking about what you want to realize and how you can use existing solutions to solve this problem. I guess there is currently no (simple) solution for indoor aspects of OSM :/

(23 Mar '14, 07:39) iii

Should I give room name on xml or josm ?

(23 Mar '14, 07:46) Ayse duygu

That doesn't make any difference, JOSM stores the changes in a local XML file.

(23 Mar '14, 09:21) scai ♦

hım Could you give me step one step how can I give name room on josm.. may you give me information step one step or do you know any video.. I can not reach all of video and document in my country due to dns.

(23 Mar '14, 09:32) Ayse duygu

The already multiple times mentioned wiki page suggests to use room=yes. Add an additional name tag and you will have a room with a name.

I strongly recommend to look at other indoor areas. I found some good looking examples: https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/165406888 https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/256420521 https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/205586133

(23 Mar '14, 10:20) scai ♦

thanks so much.. they are very usefull for me. I could not find them with our dns..

(23 Mar '14, 11:12) Ayse duygu

And I put name on class due to @scai very thanks.. When I import this xml file on eclipse I put search button. How can I search them.. do you know any example with search class,room etc on osmmap

(23 Mar '14, 11:19) Ayse duygu

Why do you want to use a OSM XML file in Eclipse? Eclipse doesn't know how to interpret this file.

(23 Mar '14, 11:54) scai ♦

Because I want to use it on my creating android application. How can I use this map on android. I read U can put osm,xml on your app. Maybe I could understand wrong due to my bad english. So I want do search with search button on adt eclipse. Is there any way with josm on eclipse

(23 Mar '14, 12:11) Ayse duygu

Sure you can. But you have to make your app capable of reading OSM XML files. Or you have to import a library which does this work for you. Eclipse or any other IDE won't automagically understand the XML file's content.

(23 Mar '14, 12:14) scai ♦

I implement this https://code.google.com/p/osmdroid/wiki/HowToIncludeInYourProject ..I know I have to put osm.jar on eclipse. Are they wrong ? do you know other way ?

(23 Mar '14, 12:20) Ayse duygu

I added jar,library and osm.xml. SO How can I search class Do you know any example

(23 Mar '14, 12:24) Ayse duygu

Please create a separate question about osmdroid.

(23 Mar '14, 13:09) scai ♦

Ok. But I think it is true. How can I do searching on eclipse

(23 Mar '14, 13:42) Ayse duygu

If you're trying to develop an Android application and are unfamiliar with Eclipse / ADT, I'd start a little further back, such as here:


That'll get you familiar with Eclipse, and how to incorporate other libraries etc.

(23 Mar '14, 13:58) SomeoneElse ♦

@SomeoneElse I know android programming but I do not know josm...I am learning it. May be you understand me wrong due to my bad english. But I asked First How can I give class name and @scai gives me example I understand it and I do it. Know I asked I added this xml and jar. How can I search room... Do you have any example.. I do not said learn to me android.. And I know Addeed library on android.. But I do not have any idea searching on map with osm

(23 Mar '14, 14:38) Ayse duygu

You can't search for OSM elements in Eclipse. That's not how osmdroid or any other library works. Their purpose is to create a new program which can interact with OSM. Their purposes is not to add new features to Eclipse or any other IDE.

(23 Mar '14, 14:51) scai ♦
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From reading this again it sounds like the question is now "I've added some data to OSM. How do I search for it in my application"?

The answer is, it depends on how you're storing OSM data in your application. One approach would be to hold OSM data for a small area internally to your application, and then render that as vector data on-screen. Another approach would be to rely on externally-generated tiles, perhaps hosted externally or internally, and render those.

If you're taking to first approach, you can search the data that you've got internally. If you're taking the second, you'll need to use an external service for finding things, such as Overpass.

Unfortunately, because we don't know exactly what you've done (or what problem you're trying to solve) it's difficult to provide more concrete suggestions. Is the code that you've created so far hosted publically anywhere so that people could look at it?

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answered 24 Mar '14, 16:07

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Very thanks.. You are the one of gentleman who understand me really :))

(24 Mar '14, 16:23) Ayse duygu

I asked question for finding any tutorial or example or library for this searching. I searching and I find projects but I really do not understand these projects because lots of them are German. only I need way.. Step one step.. and again thank you to easy english..

(24 Mar '14, 16:25) Ayse duygu

Indoor mapping in OSM is experimental, there are at least 3 different proposed tagging schemes which are mutually incompatible and for none of them is there any substantial tool support. It is unfortunate that at least one of the names of these proposals indicate that it is official, which it isn't.

However once there is an agreed tagging in place (as for example there is with 3d mapping) there is IMHO no reason adding for example indoor routing to OsmAnd shouldn't be trivial.

Please feel free to discuss on http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewforum.php?id=67 (OSM Indoor mapping forum)

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answered 24 Mar '14, 14:16

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SimonPoole ♦
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Frederik Ramm ♦

Sorry my bad english. But I do this mapping for my android application. So the en of the create map. I must search class and room or etc. İf I could not search when I added this map on my application. I will make map at another tool. I want to do this http://i58.tinypic.com/nmkknq.png on my own application there is search button.. Why people do not understand me? I think due to my bad english :S:S:S:

(24 Mar '14, 15:50) Ayse duygu

No this has nothing to do with your English, but a lot with jumping in to the deep end without being able to swim. It is very obvious that you currently don't understand the basic OSM concepts that you need to before coming even close to be able to develop an OSM based application.

I would suggest having a look at learnosm.org for starters.

(24 Mar '14, 16:04) SimonPoole ♦

thanks I look indoormap forum. Sometimes tutorial is very difficult to understand to me due to hard english. So I try..

(24 Mar '14, 16:15) Ayse duygu

It depends on the OSM data storing, there are at least 3 different proposed tagging schemes to add maps in indoor map project.

permanent link

answered 14 May '20, 07:29

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Smith Hennry
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This is not correct, there is one current (SIT) tagging scheme and a couple of historic ones that never got very far. This is also totally clear from the wiki.

(14 May '20, 18:10) SimonPoole ♦
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