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Hi guys. I have problem with type of nodes (or POI).

There are few hostels, and motels in my country, but most of accomodation type is PENSION (guest house, lodging) which doesnt fit in any cathegory of node. I am missing this type of node (it is common in most of Europe). Second widespread type of accomodation is "FREE ROOM" type (usualy separated room/s in classic willage family house, usually no food and breakfast), which has not its node too.

asked 21 Mar '14, 11:10

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1) guest house is what i called "free room", in my language it is called "penzion". This is solved

2) Problem with second type of accommodation still remain. How is called something bigger than guest_house, smaller than hotel, better quality than hostel, with restaurant/pub inside? see googgle streetview: bolero

3) what if in one object is gesthouse, restaurant, coffee-bar (or Wine-bar)? OSM allows only one symbol (pictogram) per one adress (house)? it is little misleading for people who are searching for guesthouse and theere is only symbol of restaurant or are searching for restaurant and there is symbol for guesthouse. Is there possible place multiple symbols in one object?

(21 Mar '14, 11:53) GISator

If "guest_house" is an appropriate translation for "Pension" in your country, I'd use "tourism=guest_house" for that. There are 36,347 of them currently.

For "Free room" you might want to look at other "tourism" values that people have used.

Another option is to ask on a mailing list (or other forum) for your country.

In the iD editor, typing "guest" into the search returns "tourism=guest_house" as the top result.


I'd tag the "smaller than a hotel, larger than a guest house" as a hotel.

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answered 21 Mar '14, 11:20

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For Guest House in iD create your point or area that represents the guest house and start typing "Guest" in the search box.

I'm not quite sure about the difference between the two types of accommodation you list, as most guest houses as I know them usually have owners accommodation in them somewhere. Does tourism=chalet cover any of the types you are after?

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answered 21 Mar '14, 11:18

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Re the "OSM allows only one symbol (pictogram) per one adress (house)? " question, I'd either:

  1. Pick the most appropriate tag where several might apply, or
  2. Use separately tagged nodes within an overall building.
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answered 22 Mar '14, 11:26

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Guest-house is built for commercial use, for accomodation.

"free room" or "private accomodation" is different cathegory. It was originaly classic family house, which was slightly, partially re-built. It is stil family house, where live original family members, but it has more or less separated part with one or two rooms and restroom for accomodation. Main difference is, that it usually offers less privacy than guest-house, but it is very cheap.

ps: there are almost no hostels for bacpackers and young travellers in my country (i think in central and eastern europe too), so this cathegory is useless for me. This is nice example of regional differences. If some cathegory fits in one part of world, in other it is useless (sometimes even next country).

pps: chalet is something different, it is average only for high mountain regions (other private chalets are not for immediate accomodation, you must book them weeks or months ahead)

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answered 23 Apr '14, 10:36

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Perhaps in some places, but in the UK, Ireland, US and South Africa a "guest house" was often built as a "classic family house", and later changed to accommodation (alongside the existing family).

(23 Apr '14, 11:19) SomeoneElse ♦

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