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There are quite a few mobile home estates (aka trailer parks) in my area. They were imported as "hamlets" from GNIS. There was one question a while ago about this and one stub of a proposal on wiki, which went nowhere.

Two questions:

  1. Are "mobile home estates" the same for all intents and purposes as trailer parks? I don't think these mobile homes are very mobile in the same way trailers are, but I have never lived in one or the other, so what do I know. Here's one I am trying to retag.

  2. What to do with the existing GNIS-imported "hamlets"? Does it makes sense to

    • draw a polygon around the trailer park
    • tag it with amenity=trailer_park as proposed
    • maybe tag it with landuse=residential?
    • maybe copy the gnis:id=* for posterity?
    • delete the hamlet?

asked 18 Feb '11, 18:44

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I am looking at yet another trailer park / mobile home community - with street names, postal addresses and infrequently mobile prefab homes, the kind TIGER calls "populated place" and the TIGER import turns into a "hamlet" - and realizing I am no closer to knowing how to map it. Here's hoping this old unanswered question catches someone's eye who has some definite ideas or at least personal preferences on what to do with these.

(01 Apr '11, 23:08) ponzu

I'm only going to address the first question, since there's already an open question regarding the second question.

The OSM Wiki suggests landuse=trailer_park for prefab homes which are infrequently mobile. I'd say it's dealer's choice if we're talking about the kind of trailer park like the one Tonya Harding lives in, where it's RV style trailers that people use as houses and are thus infrequently mobile...

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answered 18 Feb '11, 18:57

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Baloo Uriza
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Right, the open question that has one answer that points to a stub of a proposal. I voted it up (not the answer), but short of that, how does one advance a conversation here? Clearly no one looks at the wiki proposals.

Incidentally, where did you find the landuse=trailer_park in the wiki?

(18 Feb '11, 19:25) ponzu

You don't advance a conversation here at all. This stackoverflow style help site is not meant for a discussion. For that we have the forum and the mailing lists. In addition to that the the major arguments and the result should be added to the relevant wiki talking page.

(19 Feb '11, 11:35) petschge

By "here" I mean in the OSM community. You named the forum, mailing lists and wiki talk as the better alternatives to my question. That's three resources and none of them, at least in my experience, get questions answered. Well, I have not tried mailing lists, I have had a bad experience with them in the past century. So forgive me for bringing my questions to one place that gets them answered. My comment about "advancing the conversation" was in response to Paul pointing me to an existing unanswered question.

(19 Feb '11, 16:06) ponzu

Fair enough. But keep in mind that this place is meant to point people to existing answers and to formulate them in a language they understand. It is not meant to find new answers by discussing open questions. Unfortunately you are right that discussion on the mailing lists and the fora quickly go off topic. The wiki is meant to document the course of the discussion, not to conduct it.

(19 Feb '11, 16:12) petschge

1 There is definitely a difference between recreational trailer parks and infrequently mobile trailer parks. In the latter case, residents often have a mailing address and postal delivery box. The Wiki doesn't suggest a clear tagging convention yet.

2 For the GNIS item:

  • Polygon: Definitely when the boundaries are known.
  • amenity=trailer_park - Based on Tagwatch, this is a new tag, so use this only if you feel there is no better way to describe it.
  • landuse=residential is not wrong, but not the best classification
  • It is useful to preserve / copy the GNIS tags to the new polygon
  • The Hamlet is the most descriptive in the sense that it is a named community. I would tag the polygon as a hamlet with the GNIS tags.
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answered 19 Feb '11, 12:34

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Mike N
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Thanks. Now we are having the conversation that should have taken place in the wiki after the proposal was posted. Or in the forum.

(19 Feb '11, 15:53) ponzu

Or the mailing lists, probably get more results from that. has NNTP feeds for most OSM lists.

(19 Feb '11, 21:08) Baloo Uriza

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