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In the Wiki there are 2 kinds of bollards: a rising one and a removable one. But I was looking for a non movable bollard or simple an obstacle. What to use, simply barrier=bollard, without any additional tags or add type=static?

asked 12 Mar '14, 21:46

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barrier=bollard is enough. But since "[the] bollard=* tag describes a barrier=bollard in greater detail" you can use bollard=non-removable or bollard=irremovable (which has already 5 usages) in addition. I am not sure which one is the better English term.

Do not use the key type if possible.

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answered 12 Mar '14, 21:58

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Non-removable would be better American, not sure what would be better British. But if I were to make up a tag it would probably be bollard=fixed or bollard=permanent rather than either non-removable or irremovable.

(13 Mar '14, 00:07) n76

@stf: thanks, sounds reasonable.

(13 Mar '14, 00:40) aseerel4c26 ♦

But, really, using "barrier=bollard" is enough. Removable bollards are the exception and 0.01% of exceptions shouldn't enforce the common 99.99% to add subtags.

(14 Mar '14, 10:43) Pieren

@Pieren: Yes. Maybe if there is a group a dozen bollards with only one being non-(re)movable and the others are movable. Then it may be useful to tag it explicitly. Similar to one street being no oneway while all others in an area are oneway streets (then I would tag it explicitly oneway=no). Or if it was a oneway in the past but is not anymore. But maybe a tag with key note would do better or same in those cases.

(14 Mar '14, 15:14) aseerel4c26 ♦

@Pieren: That might be a regional thing. Around here (Western Canada), removable bollards are by far the default, with fixed bollards being the exception. Nearly every bollard around here is removable so service vehicles can access an area via that highway=*. I always just go with barrier=bollard, assuming a default of removable.

(14 Mar '14, 21:01) alester

Here, many bollards are removable, too. But assuming default values is mostly a bad idea, especially if they vary from country to country and from state to state.

(14 Mar '14, 22:16) scai ♦

if we are tagging removability, then it might be a good idea to also tag who can remove the bollards. At least here they are often more or less secured by a very simple lock. So average people cannot remove them although factually they are removable (without heavy machinery, cut off grinding or dynamite). bollard:removeability:access? ;-) Well, and, as many "tagging" questions, this one here is not really suited for the help site.

(14 Mar '14, 23:28) aseerel4c26 ♦

Hi back to the WIKI with the menu bollard=rising or removable, it just comes down to one solution, a bollard isnt removable unless added extra tags, right ? Ps, everyone with the right tool is able to remove a barrier.

(14 Mar '14, 23:43) Hendrikklaas

hendrikklaas: maybe "able", but if it is allowed is another question.

(14 Mar '14, 23:58) aseerel4c26 ♦
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