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I'm running Nominatim 2.2.0 on my server, and just finished importing planet data. When I do a reverse geocode lookup from my personal laptop as follows:


It works perfectly. But when I run the exact same thing on my server (that's running Nominatim) with curl:

curl http://my-ip-address/nominatim/reverse?format=xml&lat=51.507020&lon=-0.100571&zoom=18&addressdetails=1


curl http://localhost/nominatim/reverse?format=xml&lat=51.507020&lon=-0.100571&zoom=18&addressdetails=1

I get "unable to geocode" error. The only difference is that it works when I use my personal laptop (or query remotely) but doesn't work when I do it on a localhost (or query from the same server/computer that's running Nominatim/PostgreSQL).

When I look through my apache log, I get the following:

[Wed Mar 12 11:27:14 2014] [error] [client my-ip-address] PHP Notice:  Undefined index: lat in /postgres/OpenStreetMaps/Nominatim-2.2.0/website/reverse.php on line 57
[Wed Mar 12 11:27:14 2014] [error] [client my-ip-address] PHP Notice:  Undefined index: lon in /postgres/OpenStreetMaps/Nominatim-2.2.0/website/reverse.php on line 57

What could be wrong here? Thanks in advance!

asked 12 Mar '14, 18:41

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Just to be clear - are you using the same "curl" command on your laptop, or are you comparing a request made through a web browser on your laptop with a request made through curl on the server?

(12 Mar '14, 20:01) Frederik Ramm ♦

On my laptop, I'm using a normal browser. Just to be sure curl is working correctly on my server, I tried different websites and it seems to be OK.

(12 Mar '14, 21:07) baekacaek

Figured out the problem! Turns out some parameters were being escaped for whatever reason. Works when I do

curl 'http://my-ip-address/nominatim/reverse?format=xml&lat=51.507020&lon=-0.100571&zoom=18&addressdetails=1'

with the ' ' around the URL

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answered 12 Mar '14, 23:48

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Yes, the character & has a special meaning for the shell.

(13 Mar '14, 07:42) scai ♦
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