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I installed a local Nominatim server, including TIGER data.

In some reverse-geocoding queries for locations in the US, I'm not getting back the state.

For example, for the following query, I get a similar result on my local server, minus the state:

Does anyone know what could be the reason for this?

Thanks, Raz

asked 11 Mar '14, 09:45

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Did you import the entire planet or a US extract only?

(11 Mar '14, 12:48) lonvia

the entire planet, the file is from early January 2014

(11 Mar '14, 13:46) RazAlon

@lonvia does it matter whether one import the whole planet or only a particular country please? I'm struggling with same problem

(02 Apr '19, 10:05) Yura

The Florida relation was broken in early January. It has been fixed in the meantime but you still caught the bad version with your import, so the boundary for Florida is missing. Here is a way to update your database for such broken objects without a reimport:

  1. Import the latest version of the object in question. You need to find the OSM type and id of the object, for example by searching on Florida is here. For the import, the update script can be used, i.e

    ./utils/update.php --import-relation 162050 --index
  2. Check that the import worked by searching for the object in your local instance. If it didn't work, the object might still be broken and you have to fix it in OSM first. Find out the place_id of the object by looking up details in your instance. For example, Florida on the instance is here, so the place_id is 97976186. The ids are different for every instance.

  3. Update any places in your database that depend on the object, e.g. for Florida again:

     psql -d nominatim -c 'select place_force_update(97976186)'
     ./utils/update.php --index --index-instances 2

    Be warned that this may take a long time for an area as large as Florida.

If you run updates on your database, (1) will happen automatically. Dependent places, however, will not be updated for larger areas for performance reasons, so you may still want to do (2) and (3).

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answered 11 Mar '14, 22:50

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Thank you, that explains about 93% of my missing states. I do see the same problem in other states too, for example Kansas:

Are there any other general known problems? Thanks, Raz

(12 Mar '14, 09:19) RazAlon

The Kansas example is a road that goes over the state boundary and clearly has a problem with that (after reindexing, it's visible on, too). That is a bug worth reporting.

(12 Mar '14, 09:44) lonvia

thanks, I reported it on github

(23 Mar '14, 10:52) RazAlon

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