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I have JOSM running in WIN XP tried download with map selected, result it times out and so no slippy map any ideas do I set area and size first. note. I have used Potlatch2 successfully which I recommend. just need some photo facilities that P2 lacks.

asked 17 Feb '11, 22:16

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andy mackey
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One thing that's good to start with is a small area...try a few square blocks and see if that makes a difference if your area is densely mapped already. It's also possible that any software firewalls you may be running are blocking your connection; you may consider disabling it if you're behind a real firewall (pretty much any off-the-shelf NAT router does this out of the box).

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answered 17 Feb '11, 22:21

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Baloo Uriza
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edited 17 Feb '11, 22:22

Thanks just did up/downloads in P2 edit, so wouldn't that discount a fire wall problem.I understand about small areas that is easy in P2, but I don't know how to pick a little bit in JOSM

(17 Feb '11, 23:42) andy mackey

Not necessarily. Some of these snakeoil products (ie, personal firewalls, all of them) are notorious about blocking specific applications even.

(18 Feb '11, 00:56) Baloo Uriza

Paul was correct I had two firewalls set and I had to disable them both.I then got the slippy map up which I could then use to select download edit area,to get the black background editable map.I was already doing what gnurk had suggested. so thanks guys

(18 Feb '11, 18:23) andy mackey

First select File/Download from OSM... or press the icon in the menu bar (with the green arrow pointing downwards). The Slippy map tab should now be selected.

Then use the mouse:

  • right button to move the map
  • the scroll wheel to zoom
  • the left button to do the actual selection

Then press Download.

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answered 17 Feb '11, 23:56

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thanks the map is not arriving it just times out

(18 Feb '11, 00:04) andy mackey

A good way to diagnose connection problems might be to try a URL like this in a browser (click the link) :,51.5073601795557,-0.107599496841431,51.5076406454029

What does it tell you? Well if you get an error, then it tells you there's something definitely wrong with your internet access. If you see XML, then it hasn't helped you so much, but it still narrows the problem down a little. This is a worthwhile step to diagnose the problem and worth mentioning that you've tried this when asking people about it.

More technical details: What this actually is, is a direct request to the OpenStreetMap API from your browser, request an area of map data. It should give you back XML data like in the example here. JOSM will do almost exactly the same. Only difference is the HTTP request will have a different user agent (possibly blocked by a firewall) and maybe you're requesting a larger area of the map.

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answered 21 Feb '11, 12:38

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Harry Wood
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edited 22 Feb '11, 11:11

Thanks,but too techie for me at the moment.was my problem similar to the "markaartor upload problem" question that is also asked

(21 Feb '11, 21:29) andy mackey

You just have to click the link. That's not very technical is it?

OK I'll make some more basic points in my answer. But this is all just for the benefit of future readers, since you've solved your problem.

(22 Feb '11, 11:05) Harry Wood

Yes thanks harry, although paul had already helped me get running I was pleased for a bit more background info. I had clicked your link as I still eager to learn but what I saw didn't mean much to me, your addition as helped a bit more.... any one reading this should note times of posts not order on page. thanks again

(22 Feb '11, 13:12) andy mackey

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