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I got the error "Version mismatch" today while trying to save.

Is there a way for me to find a way by ID in the iD editor? Is there a way for me to get rid of this error so I can save my additions?

asked 05 Mar '14, 10:51

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aseerel4c26 ♦

I also get the error: "Version mismatch: Provided 10, server had: 11 of Way 43318104". It looks like ID editor has screwed up as I have comitted the version 10 and 11 and continued my edits. Undo/redo didn't make sense as the conflict was exactly on the first object that was modified after the last save. So unless I undo one hour of my work I cannot get around this bug.

Why not to make ID editor to skip once there is a conflict with particular node and let user commit the rest of the features?

Now, these nasty bugs make lose lots of work although they affect maybe just one small object out of the whole changeset.

(11 Mar '14, 13:54) sauls

It is hard for the editor to determine of omitting a single object would cause just a minor or a major problem. For example omitting a way from a boundary relation or a coastline could cause more serious problems which aren't easy to spot, whereas omitting a bench or street lamp wouldn't cause any problems at all. In my opinion a better solution would be to display a warning in all editors if the user edited for more than 15 minutes without uploading his changes.

(11 Mar '14, 14:00) scai ♦

If you can remember what happened (perhaps on the dev server) I'm sure the iD developers would be keen to investigate. The relevant live issue seems to be this one.

(11 Mar '14, 14:40) SomeoneElse ♦

I just ran across this issue and came up with a workaround. I was using Chrome at the time so the procedure is for Chrome. You’ll also need JOSM (or another tool which can open an osc file) and knowledge on how to resolve versioning conflicts. When I have some time I’ll try to find an equivalent workflow for Firefox.

  1. In Chrome, press F12 to display the Developer Tools window.
  2. Go to the Network tab
  3. Go back to the Chrome window where you have iD open and try to save the changeset again.
  4. Go back to the Developer Tools window
  5. A column titled Name will be on the left-hand pane. Find the request titled upload and click on it.
  6. On the right-hand pane, select Headers and find the section titled Request Payload
  7. Highlight and copy all the text below it, starting with <osmChange> and ending with </osmChange> inclusive
  8. In a text editor, paste the text and save the file with a *.osc extension using UTF-8 encoding. (If that’s not the default for your text editor, perhaps it’d be a good idea to change the encoding before pasting the text).
  9. In JOSM (or an editor which supports osc files), open the osc file you just saved. All objects which you changed should be there.
  10. Either download data for the bounding box, or select File > Update modified.
  11. Resolve the conflict as needed,.
  12. Upload the changeset.

The benefit here is that, even if you don’t have JOSM installed on the system on which you made the changes, you can take the osc file and perform the rest of the steps later when you do have JOSM on hand.

Hope it helps and saves you from having to throw away your changeset!

PS: at a minimum, I think iD should provide the ability to download the osc file for the changeset when a version conflict is encountered (or even better, at any time in case one wishes to continue at a later point).

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answered 27 Apr '16, 17:02

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From memory I believe that you need to undo back past the point where you modified that way, and then save there. Unfortunately I can't find anything written down to back that statement up. The iD issues list has lots of discussion about how "save" should work, but I can't immediately see your problem (which I presume is "another mapper has modified a way in the meantime") listed.

In a separate browser window, you can look at the history of the way concerned:

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answered 05 Mar '14, 12:50

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Sounds like try and error, because iD doesn't tell you which change needs to be undone.

(05 Mar '14, 13:37) scai ♦

Thanks. I wasn't about to spend hours testing which change in the list was the culprit. I just undid all my changes. That'll teach me to make big sets of changes; lesson learned. /r/openstreetmap suggested JOSM, so I'll be using that from now on instead of iD.

(05 Mar '14, 14:35) ubuzen

Note that any editor can lead to that error. But JOSM makes it possible to identify the corresponding way and to resolve possible conflicts (which doesn't mean that resolving conflicts in JOSM is trivial, though).

(05 Mar '14, 15:18) scai ♦

April 2015: looks like ID saves all but the problematical node. It is not clear from the message and it looks like nothing was saved, but when I was comming to the PC one hour later, changes were on the map (maybe without one node, I don't know).

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answered 08 Apr '15, 12:18

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That wasn't the case for me (Apr 2016). iD Showed the error without the possibility to do anything about it.

(29 Apr '16, 10:24) carciofo

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