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I have been trying to adopt OpenStreetMap as my go-to map instead of Googlemaps.

However I am trying to find a few places in Europe today. One in Latvia and one in Hungary. I am expecting to see borders and country names, in English, clearly displayed on the map even at higher zoom levels. I know I can use the search function but I would like to visually identify countries on the map.

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Note that OpenStreetMap (OSM) is not only one map or service. OSM at its core is just data. This data is used by many services. And if you are looking for routing, look at page routing.

An easy way to see the some of the different maps: Have a look at the "layers" button (fourth from the top on the right side) on www.osm.org. All those maps are based on the same OSM data but have a different styling.

Hmm, go to www.openstreetmap.org , type in Latvia, Go. Results are on the left. Click on "Country Boundary Latvia". Doesn't this work for you? Were you using another website?(updated since I misunderstood the question)

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answered 04 Mar '14, 19:19

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If your own language is English then you might want to have a look at open.mapquest.com which also uses OSM data, but tries to display everything in English where possible, rather than using the local names.

The "mapquest open" style is also selectable from the layer drop-down directly on www.openstreetmap.org.

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answered 04 Mar '14, 19:35

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