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I would like to export a potentially large selection of POI metadata (mostly restaurant/hotel name/coordinates/business hours) for merging into Wikivoyage.

Content of Wikivoyage is dual-licensed CC-BY-SA & GFDL.

Is this export legal?

Wikivoyage is a wiki for tourism information, so we just list the hotels/etc without, sometimes without showing any map. In such cases, how should attribution work? Is "Importing data from OpenStreetMap contributors" in article history a sufficient attribution?

Example article with data imported from OpenStreetMap:

Wikivoyage is not what I would call a database, it is a human-readable travel guide, so more like a book. Wikivoyage has a few dynamic aspects like full-text search and zoomable maps showing POIs but it remains printable as a book.

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Nicolas Raoul
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The question can be reduced to: "Is Wikivoyage a database?"

If it is a database, then importing ODbL licensed data into it would make it a "derivative database" which would again have to be shared under ODbL (and not CC-BY-SA & GFDL), unless the OSM data could be kept so separate that the whole thing is "a collection of two differently licensed databases" rather than one common database.

If it is not a database, but rather more comparable to a printed map, then it is a "produced work" which could be published under a different license as long as attribution is kept alive.

The relevant sections are 4.4 and 4.5 of the ODbL license.

I have to stress that this is a purely personal opinion.

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answered 04 Mar '14, 08:40

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@Nicolas this question would best be raised with the LWG ( Frederik has already given you the points that need to be considered and potentially some of them can be resolved by integrating OSM slightly differently (the example you linked to is very nice btw).

(04 Mar '14, 10:23) SimonPoole ♦

If Wikivoyage is considered as a database (which I kind of feel it is, but IANAL), one way to comply with ODBL would be to keep the osm data in its own db, use a query to fetch info for particular osm object ids, and display that in an isolated portion of the wiki page, with attribution. It's a good bit of extra work, but it might make the whole thing more maintainable long-term.

(04 Mar '14, 10:33) Vincent de P... ♦

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