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Hello every body , i am in real mess here , the Dean of our faculty doesn't really like me and asked me to develop a navigator android app for our city ( Sudan - Gedarif ) and I don't know how to do it , i found BikeRoute app and its similar to the idea , so please please please , i am at the final semester and if i didn't do it i will never graduate , i hope i hear from any one soon . mohamed shukri

asked 01 Mar '14, 21:43

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mohamed shukri
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I suspect that this is the city.

(01 Mar '14, 22:55) SomeoneElse ♦

yup ,,, thats it , now i need to put a navigator on it and export it .apk ,,,

(02 Mar '14, 06:37) mohamed shukri

I'm sorry for your situation, but please consider that a volunteering support project can't (and IMHO shouldn't) do your homework. Of course we will try to help you, if you can tell us exact problems. So please start a new thread pointing out what features you want to develop for what platform and why you fail with your approaches.

(IMHO it's not wise to develop a dedicated application for one city, as one generous pro of OSM is that it's mostly country independent)

(02 Mar '14, 10:09) iii

There are basically two bits that you need to do. One, as you say, is "put a navigator on it and export it to .apk". Depending on what your final-term project is supposed to be that might involve writing an offline routing app from scratch (hard) or creating something based on existing resources that can do off-line routing in your area (not so hard, but still a challenge). I'd start by looking here for lots of links about online and offline routing and here for some OSM Android links. However, you'll definitely need to make sure both you and your Dean agree about what you've been actually asked to do before you start work on anything.

However, looking at Al-Qadarif currently in OSM, there is another issue. For any router to give meaningful directions in an area, most or all of the roads that you want it to route down need to be known about. Currently much of it isn't. An area north of the railway has been traced from aerial images, but there are no names on the streets, so even when directions can be given they aren't particularly helpful - see here for an example.

So in order to be able to demonstrate a bicycle routing application (however you create it) you'll need to make sure that the major streets that you want to demonstrate it on are in OSM and have names, and the major destinations that people want to navigate to (e.g. marketplaces, government buildings) have been added.

There's a "beginner's guide" section in the OSM wiki - some things in there will definitely be useful. I suspect that you'll need to try and organise a group of your friends or the wider community to try and get enough data in OSM to be useful. Also try and get in touch with people who have mapped locally - see the Contact page in the wiki for more info on that.

And finally - good luck!

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answered 02 Mar '14, 11:56

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… if you improve the map: do not copy from other maps – this is not allowed (with minor exceptions)!

(02 Mar '14, 12:25) aseerel4c26 ♦

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