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Hi, I want to tag some amenities inside of a large shopping building with many levels. If I tag a cafe on level=0 how is one to know that this particular cafe "is_in" this building and not, for example, on the sidewalk outside the building?

In short, is the "is_in" tag restricted to tagging places inside of boundaries or can I use it to say amenity=cafe, name=My Cafe, is_in=My Shopping Mall, level=0



asked 28 Feb '14, 02:43

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If the POI you add is within the area of the large shopping building (presumably drawn as an area anyway), then as this is geographic information it is automatically within the building. You could perhaps add address tags though which would make it clearer.

is_in isn't really needed for places within well defined boundaries either for similar reasons, though some people still use it - see the second paragraph about when to use it here.

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answered 28 Feb '14, 08:32

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Thanks Ed,

Yes, that makes sense. My OSM world is governed a lot (too much sometimes) by the limitations of my GPS receiver, and so is my thinking about these matters sometimes. ;-)

From reading the Wiki, I was aware of the limited need for the is_in tag now that there are boundaries for most administrative areas. But I thought to myself, how will my GPS know where this place is?

Thanks again...

(28 Feb '14, 10:27) AlaskaDave

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