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Greetings, currently i am building an android indoor navigation app for my university. I am using osmdroid and osmbonuspack for routing. The problem is when i want to see the route path, it gives me straight line. I does not follow the road/path.

alt text

I follow exactly on how to draw indoor map from osm wiki for Indoor Mappping Do I need to upload a routing layer from JOSM? Is there any possibility having error from the tiles that i downloaded from Mapnik? Do i need to have KML file? Do i need to include GPX ?

asked 27 Feb '14, 09:06

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Hello, your problem is still with the mapping initially. The question as to whether your routing engine will work is secondary. For a routing engine to work the mapping has to be correct.

As was stated to your previous question, (I now forget where that was posted) the linear ways/paths must be linked to the overall map, in a manner consistent with conventional mapping. I see that you have now added ways external to the building and thereby tried to join up the internal ways to the rest of the world. Unfortunately you mapping is not adequate. The circular path/roundabout and the four ways radiating from this have been duplicated, (one way added then another placed exactly on top of the first both with identical tags. This duplication will definitely foul up a routing engine please see here the problems to the date at foot of the page.

Once the mapping is corrected you could try this routing page which IMHO will test out your mapping as regards its routing capabilities. You can also see on this page that your ways are not connected to the rest of the map, because they are not yet accepted on the database as real ways.

Regards Bernard

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answered 27 Feb '14, 13:27

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... and one other thought to add to the answer above, perhaps you could try seeming if foot routing works in your app works somewhere else? Perhaps here, at little to the south in KL itself:

(27 Feb '14, 13:44) SomeoneElse ♦

The question is about indoor mapping. The connection to the external world is secondary.

(27 Feb '14, 14:18) Pieren

South KL also not working.

(27 Feb '14, 16:31) firdaus shaj...

I have tried set different coordinate to check whether the Route engine really working or not. Found out that,it is not working. the route path still show straight line.

(27 Feb '14, 16:33) firdaus shaj...

@Pieren Not if the used routing engine strips of all ways that are not reachable from the outside, which seems to be the case for OSRM.

(27 Feb '14, 16:41) scai ♦

Having more time I have inspected your duplicated ways. Six of the eight ways (four ways duplicated equals eight), had either the start or end node unconnected.

I have removed the duplicates and joined up all ways.

(01 Mar '14, 07:49) BCNorwich
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The mapping seems okay. The problem is probably more on the routing engine (so your question is not really relevant for this help website). Anyway, check how osmbonuspack is working. A quick look reveals that the framework is calling third party OSM routing API's, either from MapquestOpen or OSRM. Your problem is probably that both engines are not supporting "pedestrians" routing (through "highway=footway" ways) but rather more for motor vehicules routing (through "highway=primary|secondary|tertiary|motorway|residential|etc" ways).

You should check if OSRM is eventually supporting other types of transportations (cars or bikes or pedestrians) and if yes, check how it can be specified in the OSRM API calls and ask or adapt the framework osmbonuspack accordingly.

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answered 27 Feb '14, 12:42

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