I would like to add defined neighborhood lines (highlighted) on the open source map on my website. These lines will travel mostly along roads but will also travel along a few rivers. They need to be highlighted as the road name will still need to be read under the line. There are a six spots that the line must travel in a straight line that is not associated with a river or road. I am looking at dividing the city up into 90+- neighborhoods I am a realtor and I want buyers to click on the areas (neighborhoods) they are interested in buying a home. When they click on the defined neighborhood, it will be highlighted. They can be clicked on or off. In turn, the areas they click on will be auto populated into a form below. The form below will also have questions such as price range of the home, # beds, #baths, style of home etc.

The website user will hit submit and the completed form (including the neighbourhoods chosen) will be e mailed to me.

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There are many different ways to solve this. One typical way would be storing the different neighborhood lines in a separate file, like a KML or GeoJSON file, and then overlay that onto an OpenStreetMap base map with OpenLayers. For that, you would require

  • someone to actually record the neighborhood areas and store them in a suitable file
  • someone to code the bits for your web frontend that display these areas, and react to mouse clicks by copying an area name into the form
  • an OpenStreetMap tile server to load the basemap tiles for your web map from

The first two bullet points can be done by yourself if you have sufficient GIS/programming skills, or you could hire a professional. The third bullet point can be had for free if your tile usage is small-scale (use OSM tile server) or you could use the free MapQuest tiles; but you can also buy tile serving commercially.

If you are looking for professional support see "Commercial OSM Software and Services" on the Wiki.

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