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I want to use OSM for making a map for an online forum. It needs to be edited by me for specific lat/long. Users of the map must have the option of zooming in and out with the map. Is there a help file for doing these things on my map? Any help is appreciated.

In more words:
I want to be able to format the dimensions of the map so it is more like letterbox (16:9 maybe). I would also like to have it be able to show geographic features, specifically lakes, ideally named with labels, even down to small lakes. If the ability to make a map that can zoom in and out is possible. Does this help to clarify?

asked 26 Feb '14, 07:11

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Are you looking for MapBBCode?

(28 Feb '14, 13:40) scai ♦

What you ask for is fully possible. You want to put a map on a web site with 10k members; no problem, we have 1.5 million. You want 16:9; no problem, set the containing div for that. You want to choose the center point of the display; not a problem. To make this dream of yours come true, you'll need to either:

  1. Learn to implement it for yourself
  2. Hire a consultant to implement it for you
  3. Find an existing web service that is "close enough" and buy access to that service
  4. Some combination of the above

You might start by looking at switch2osm for some hints on how to put a map on a web site. This site Help has several series of questions to go into more detail when you are ready for it.

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answered 28 Feb '14, 00:22

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Richard Weait
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your member comparison does not really make sense. "members" is a very different number when it comes to activity and map tiles accesses. Also our own tile accesses are inherently okay, whereas big external users should think about about other tile sources if they are creating too "heavy use" (whatever that may be). … However, in essence I agree (as written), RGB2 should just try it. We love to see our work being used.

(28 Feb '14, 01:05) aseerel4c26 ♦

Actually I want a link to the map to be posted on an online forum, not on the website for the forum. The map can reside on OSM if that's possible. But I don't have a lot of time to make a complicated map, although a slippy sounds better, I'd be OK with a basic topo map.

(28 Feb '14, 07:27) RGB2

@RGB2: well, we cannot help you more here. You nearly only need to copy & paste and set the size, coordinates, zoom level.

(28 Feb '14, 13:30) aseerel4c26 ♦

A web map which can be set to a specific location and can be zoomed is this what we have on It is called a slippy map. For our default style you can even get a pre-made html snipped in the "share" menu on the right. You can adjust the dimensions easily in HTML. For more info see our wiki about Slippy Maps. It also mentions other tile sources. Please always respect tile usage policies (how much tiles you can download via your website). For the default style it is: tile usage policy. If your online forum is a small, low-traffic one using's tiles should be okay. For just testing it is in any way.

If you want a custom map you can make your own tiles (which you can display in a slippy map). See e.g. custom-tagged questions. But I guess you will be satisfied with some other already existing tiles.

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answered 27 Feb '14, 12:55

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Thanks. But it looks too difficult, especially since one site i want to put it on has 10000 members, another has 1000. Maybe I'll have to be happy with a non-slippy map. Can I make the dimensions about 16:9? I can be a normal street map or better a map with elevations and contour lines. You probably have such a map already.

(27 Feb '14, 23:08) RGB2

@RGB2: hmm, I do not see a difficulty (regarding a slippy map). Custom map styles are "difficult", yes. You can easily make the slippy map 16:9 if you adjust the iframe element's width and height properties.

10000 members? And how many map accesses does that mean per... hour, day, week? (Note: I am just a volunteer OSM contributor, no representative of

"we" is a difficult word, since the OSM universe is quite scattered. Yes, there are many many many maps based on OSM. And also some which you can use free of charge (with reasonable traffic, 10000 members sounds not that big).

(28 Feb '14, 00:02) aseerel4c26 ♦

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