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Hello guys.

In two or three days, i search on google about how to build a map like using google map api v3 but using OSM map and offline. But the result is nothing for me ..

Can someone guide me to a right link ?

how to download tiles MAP from OSM just for my area ? how to use the tiles and display it from local storage ? and how to show some marker on the map ?

i will be glad if there is someone that want share their knowledge .. Thanks.

asked 26 Feb '14, 02:40

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could you please explain your usecase a bit more? Do you want to know how to display downloaded tiles locally in a html/JS slippy map? Or does Offline_Openstreetmap help?

(26 Feb '14, 02:59) aseerel4c26 ♦

thanks for comment. Now, i am using google maps for display my customer on the map, it great, but must be online. SO, i read that Openstreetmap can use in offline mode. So i need a map that can show marker but no needed internet connection. Can you help me to achive this? may be some link of example or your experiment ..

(26 Feb '14, 03:10) krichevskoy

aseerel4c26 already provided a link to the wiki documentation. The way you can use OSM maps offline is depending on your application (browser or not), technology and environment (hand device, PC). Provide more explanations about your app or, even better, contact the developers mailing list at (needs registration here

(26 Feb '14, 14:55) Pieren

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