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If we want to add additional information to roads and restaurants should we tag the municipality or the village?


La Pêche is a merger of multiple small villages, but locally no one calls "Wakefield" La pêche, they call it Wakefield.

Should the roads and restaurants be tagged under Wakefield or La Pêche?

Thank you

asked 25 Feb '14, 17:56

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Your question is a bit confusing. But I can try to explain how the municipality and places can be mapped in OSM.

First, the "municipality" which is more an administrative entity. Create a polygone (a closed way) or better a multipolygon of the admin borders, create a relation of "type=boundary", "boundary=administrative", "admin_level=8" and "name=La Pêche" (see the wiki). You also tag the way(s) with the tag "boundary=administrative" + "admin_level=x" where x is the highest admin level (the lowest number) used to define a boundary with this way (a way can define more than one admin_level, it can also define the boundary of a county, a region, a province or the country). This wiki page in French is also providing some hints, especially when the boundary is defined by natural features (rivers) or human constructions (roads).

Second, the "places" which are the towns and villages. This is the populated places within the municipality polygon. Each is identified with the "place=*" tag, e.g. "place=village" + "name=Duclos". Populated places in OSM can be "city", "town", "village" or "hamlet". The limit between the values is usually based on the population but you have to check with your local OSM community or in the wiki how it is done in Canada (it has to be consistent within the country).

Last, you can link the municipality entity (the "boundary" + "admin_level=8" relation) to the town/village where the townhall or administration is by adding the "place" node or way in the relation with the role "admin_centre".

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answered 26 Feb '14, 14:50

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in general you do not have to add addr:city to a node representing e,g, a restaurant, When all the administrative boundaries are set-up as Pieren describes, the software should be able to deduce the city from the position of the node. e.g. Nominatim (used for search on can do this. On the other hand it is possible that some data consumers (other maps) do not properly handle all those administrative boundaries.

(26 Feb '14, 16:09) escada

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