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I am having a problem with when approaching roundabout. I understand the problem, and why it is happing and I am hoping there can be a fix or a work around. (EDIT: It only happens when I pick "Generic Routable (testing new style) )

When I approach roundabouts it gives me the wrong exit number say "take the first exit" when the map and the route clearly shows it is the third exit. This seems to be happening because in Ireland and UK we drive in the left and go around roundabouts clockwise while in the rest of Europe they drive on the right and go around roadabouts anti-clockwise. On the main screen on the Garmin it shows the correct way around the roundabout, but on the small icon in the top left hand side it shows to go around the roundabout the wrong way. So the exit number is being counted in the wrong direction.

I saw a similar problem in the android OSM AND, but there was an option in the settings, driving region, for country=UK which switched the roundabouts the correct way around.

Is there a similar workaround or can it be fixed for UK (UK, Ireland, Northern Ireland, India, Australia, Gibralter (near spain) where they drive on the left?

I also noticed that mini roundabouts seem to be ignored as if no roundabout exits at all.

If I use or the normal options the same roundabout shows the correct exit.


OSM Map:


Paid Garmin Map showing same route and roundabout:



OK I have re-created the problem with a up to date map.

It occurs when you visit:

Select: Generic Routable (testing new style) (It works OK if you do not pick testing new style)

Under predefined countries, europe select Ireland.

Dowload map directly. This direct link may work

Then when I approach a roundabout it speaks the wrong exit number.

The actual roundabout I used mostly for my testing is this one: It is where the Killarney road (R767) meets the R768 beside the petrol station.

If heading along the Killarney road, the third exit is spoken as the first exit.

I also noticed that on alternativelibres and on that even when the guidance is correct ,the ICON, always shows to go the wrong way around the roundabout. (see attached photos)

That is probably a seperate problem.

screenshot screenshot screenshot

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The problem does not seem to be happening with the latest version. the version I had been using was dated 12/12/2013 I still have this file and it does not work correctly. The latest one is OK. I am going to do more testing of different versions to see if it sill happens but I think I am OK now. (EDIT: Yes it's OK on Generic, it only happens when I pick new style)

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answered 24 Feb '14, 08:51

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Thanks for your report. I suppose you are using the Generic Routable? Because in the new style I discovered some weird counting of roundabout exits too, which I think can be solved by tweaking the styles a bit.

(24 Feb '14, 10:10) ligfietser

Good question, I dont see this error if I use my Openfietsmap, so it must be some error caused by a bug in mkgmap or in the map procedure settings. Could you specify exactly which map you have downloaded, Generic Routable or Generic Routable (testing new style)? Or do you see this behaviour in both maps?

PS in order to test and correct it, can you give the exact location/link of this specific case on

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answered 23 Feb '14, 11:38

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