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I just added a group of businesses to the map using iD. While checking over my edits in the Save screen before committing, I noticed that two businesses that I had set as Feature:Doctor (and Amenity:doctors) had inexplicably switched to Feature:Dentist (with Amenity:doctors still set). I went back to each, clicked on Feature, searched for and clicked on Doctor, then closed Edit Feature. On reopening the Edit Feature screen, the Feature was once again set as Dentist.

I have currently set both as Feature:Address for now so they're at least listed on the map, but I don't want to leave them like that for long if at all possible.

My question is this: did I miss something, or is there a bug?

The following are the two businesses in question:

asked 20 Feb '14, 05:21

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This is odd and sounds like a bug :( Can anybody confirm?

(20 Feb '14, 08:53) iii
(20 Feb '14, 10:45) aseerel4c26 ♦

Okay, not just me then. That was puzzling.

(21 Feb '14, 07:18) Starfall

Adding a dentist or doctor using iD both add amenity=doctors tag. I'm guessing that when you deselect and reselect it "dentist" is found alphabetically in the feature list before "doctor". So what you were doing was correct.

amenity=dentist seems to be the tag that iD should be using for dentist, though it looks like some people use healthcare=dentist instead or as well as that tag. JOSM editor uses amenity=dentist in its presets.

Edit: it looks like this was fixed in the code 12 days ago, so I suspect it hasn't yet been deployed as latest release was 15 days ago.

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answered 20 Feb '14, 09:03

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edited 20 Feb '14, 09:07

So that's what was causing it. I'm new to OSM, but most things I've seen made sense up until that point.

Good to know the problem was noticed and is on its way to being fixed. Thank you!

(21 Feb '14, 07:42) Starfall

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