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In Potlatch, I added 4 peaks with these tags:

natural = peak
name = the name
ele = a number

After saving and closing, I checked the map with - 3 of the peaks displayed as expected:

a triangle
the name
a number

but one of the peaks displayed only

a triangle
the name
- the elevation number is missing.

You can see the 4 peak here:

the 3 upper peaks with elevation displayed - the 1 lower peak ('Toppen') without elevation. Other zoom-levels have the same problem.

I have double-checked the entered data - there is no difference between the tags in 4 peaks.

In other locations on the map, I have found many other examples of peaks with elevation data that are not displayed for no apparent reason.

Why this missing display of elevation?

asked 19 Feb '14, 11:57

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Mo Li Hansen
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edited 19 Feb '14, 12:24

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aseerel4c26 ♦

There was a bug in the openstreetmap-carto stylesheets, which meant that elevation clashed with names with long descenders (e.g. the letter p). It has been fixed, and the map will update after the next release of the stylesheets.

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answered 19 Feb '14, 16:04

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Andy Allan
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funny incidence that this bug was reported also just a day ago

(19 Feb '14, 21:30) aseerel4c26 ♦

Could be a bug in the renderer or its database. Or the renderer has some reason, unknown to us, for not displaying it. You can try to create a new issue at the openstreetmap-carto github project but it will require a separate GitHub account and probably is not worth the effort (and possibly even the wrong component).

The important information is: The data you entered is fine. And the humanitarian layer for example displays the elevation of all four peaks (you can switch the layer via the sidebar on the right).

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answered 19 Feb '14, 12:21

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scai ♦
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edited 19 Feb '14, 12:27

I see no real reason, too (e.g. no tile border, no other text). Maybe the mapnik stylesheet prefers to interrupt the purple border as few as possible. If you switch to the humanitarian map you see the elevation, by the way.

Your data looks okay (which is backed by the elevation display on the humanitarian map). I can see no problem. Just leave it. If you think it is a bug in the mapnik style sheet contact the authors (registration at an external company needed). But I think it is not.

Also see similar questions by clicking on the tags which I have added below your question.

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answered 19 Feb '14, 12:23

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aseerel4c26 ♦
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edited 19 Feb '14, 12:28

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