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I've been trying to map out the surprising (to me, anyway) array of trails in my area. Recently, I've been looking at some official trails for snowshoe-hiking.

I've been tagging snowmobile trails as "snowmobile=yes" or "snowmobile=designated" and cross-country ski trails with "ski=yes" (or "designated" as appropriate), should I start tagging trails intended for snowshoeing as "snowshoe=yes"? Or is there some other tag or combination thereof that I should use?

asked 17 Feb '14, 23:22

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From the wiki page for piste maps at I believe that you should tag the snowshoe trails as piste:type=hike, piste:grooming=backcountry

For cross country skiing it would be piste:type=nordic. That wiki page does not cover snowmobiles, and I never mapped for them (banned in areas I cross country ski) so I can't help there.

The wiki is silent on multiple use trails but I think the usual semi-colon separator could be used to indicate the different uses, e.g. piste:type=hike;nordic

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answered 18 Feb '14, 04:17

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That's actually not a bad idea (I should probably work on tagging other such trails in this area similarly) but I was thinking more in line with the access tags ( ), where for consistency I was guessing "snowshoe=yes" would be appropriate. (The trail I'm thinking of, I would probably tag "snowshoe=designated", "foot=permissive", and "ski=permissive". There's another set of trails nearby for nordic skiing where a portion is also designated for snowshoe (ski=designated, snowshoe=designated). Perhaps I should use both access tags AND "piste:".

(20 Feb '14, 18:12) Epicanis

stf: There was a recent discussion on tagging@ about shared use:

The most sensible way to tag this in my opinion is to use separate route=piste relations (

Remember that semicolon separated values are not likely to be used by any program.

(22 Feb '14, 16:40) yvecai

In my opinion, ski=yes/no/designated, or snowshoe=yes/no/designated are access type tags (=authorisation to snowshoe on the track), but not the type of use.

For this, piste:type=hike, piste:grooming=backcountry is currently the tag to use. If this seems too odd, maybe it could be good to start a proposal for piste:type=snowshoes.

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answered 22 Feb '14, 16:35

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