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I have several map images exported as jpg before August 2013 which fit nicely together because I used the tile numbers to make sure adjacent areas were covered without overlap and the maps were the same size as one another.

I now want to fill in a gap - I have the tile coordinates, but I can't see how to make use of them in the new 'share' process. Any hints?

asked 09 Feb '14, 19:22

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in which format do you have the "coordinates"? Example may help

(09 Feb '14, 22:17) aseerel4c26 ♦

These images are at zoom 13. As an example, one image is built from xlow=4000, xr=20 and ylow=2660, yr=20. This gives a square map which includes Bettws-y-Coed and Snowdon in North Wales.

(10 Feb '14, 18:35) Chelter

I'm not sure I understand the question, so what follows might be way off what you're asking for, but here goes anyway...

If you mean tile co-ordinates in the sense of latitude and longitude, then if you look at somewhere using the OSM website and move the map slightly, you'll get a URL such as:

Change the zoom (15), longitude (24.9555) and latitude (60.1898) to your desired values and you'll

If you have the tile URLs from before and want to obtain tile URLs for a gap, then just move the map to your desired location, ensure that no overlays are shown by closing any search boxes etc., right-click the map and "view image". You'll get a URL such as:

("view image" is what Firefox calls it; other browsers may use different names).

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answered 09 Feb '14, 20:52

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edited 10 Feb '14, 06:08

I've just added a comment to my question, giving an example; I don't have lat+long. This means it looks more like the second path you suggest, although isn't that just a single tile?

(10 Feb '14, 18:39) Chelter
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