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I want to download a selected map section as map plane "mapquest open". Unfortunately the download is only possible as standard map ...

Thanks for help!

asked 08 Feb '14, 19:46

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Thanks, but it doesn`t help. I just want to download an OpenstreetMap of a country. I can choose a view between standard map, cycle map, traffic map, humanitarian map and MapQuest Open. The last view is perfect for me and I want to download this as a png, but for the download I can not get/choose MapQuest Open Map. Download is automatically a standard map.

(08 Feb '14, 21:35) tiergarten130

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It is not possible to download map images in any other style than the standard style. When you download an image via the "share" button then it says: "Image will show standard layer..." - this is intended to make you aware of this situation.

This has been discussed on the German mailing list only a few days ago.

Workaround: Render your own map (plenty of infromation in this help system), or use the "bigmap" script to download and piece together a couple of tiles.

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answered 08 Feb '14, 22:59

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Thank you!

It is very difficult to understand why this isn`t possible. It´s a pity, I´m a technological blank ...

(09 Feb '14, 00:26) tiergarten130

The export/share function runs on OpenStreetMap's own servers. This means it will only apply to the style generated on those same servers - the standard style. The cycle map, transport map, and MapQuest Open styles are all third-party styles run on independent servers, which the export/share function can't access.

(09 Feb '14, 07:55) Richard ♦

As Richards says, this is related to the performance of the tile servers and if they are community or private driven. For example, even the OSM servers have limitations and static map rendering can stress them

(09 Feb '14, 08:38) iii

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