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Hi all

I have a question about how many elements in total of OSM. I know from given stats that the number of data from user contributed is about 2.4 billion. I am doing research on whole OSM database so I need to be quite sure that if the number (2.4 billion) is for everything in OSM. Since I don't think that this number also includes other source of OSM data e.g. large amount of US data was imported from TIGER database. Would it be possible if anyone could share with me any further info. of this number? (link, paper etc.)

Many thanks for help. Martin

asked 08 Feb '14, 16:37

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Yes, this is the number of elements (nodes, ways and relations) in OSM. But it is completely independent from the number of tags.

(11 Feb '14, 15:16) scai ♦

thanks, so this number is for the combination of both user contribution and other sources(e.g. TIGER)?

(11 Feb '14, 15:45) Digmaa

Exactly, everything contained in the planet.

(11 Feb '14, 16:58) scai ♦

got it, could you help me again to share with me any link or reference (besides ) for this if there exists? Thanks a lot.

(11 Feb '14, 17:34) Digmaa

References about what exactly? Which information is missing?

(11 Feb '14, 18:18) scai ♦

I mean if you could kindly give me any reference about the clarification of this number is for both contribution and the imports from other database, which I could use in my reports.

(11 Feb '14, 18:28) Digmaa

If you feel really keen, there's no need to take anyone's word for it. You can download the file and count the elements in it, and see how many have Tiger (or other import) tags on them. It's quite big, though...

(11 Feb '14, 18:31) SomeoneElse ♦

@SomeoneElse alright I I know what my problem is..thank you for suggestion

(11 Feb '14, 18:35) Digmaa

@scai thanks again for help, I may not need the reference.

(11 Feb '14, 18:36) Digmaa
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currently: 2194450624+216700259+2370795 = 2 413 521 678 (see Stats → Data stats). This is the total number in the OSM database.

This includes the TIGER imports. TIGER has been imported / merged into – not just linked / embedded.

Explaining what is not in the OSM database: Some maps(!) out there use OSM data and(!) data from other sources. A popular example are maps which show elevation contour lines or hillshading. But this combination of data is made by the map creators. The elevation contour lines are not in the OSM database.

If you are interested see the already linked Stats page (it "see also"-links the Research page with in-depth analyses).

permanent link

answered 08 Feb '14, 17:07

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Not every area has the same level of detail in OSM. And it doesn't matter if a node is a traffic signal, a restaurant or something else. It will remain a node.

By the way taginfo also has nice statistics.

(09 Feb '14, 08:16) scai ♦

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