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my machine config is 8GB RAM and 350GB of Disk space, i had started installation North America before two and half days. i find still it installing.

it showing something like

Done 6647994 in 126984 @ 52.352844 per second - Rank 26 ETA (seconds): 126264.664062

i know Rank we have 30. But what that numbers like 6647994 in 126984, how long it will take to finish.

and it showing another line like

Slow place_id 10913694

Is there any link to know about this numbers ?

can anyone tell me my current stage of installation and how long it take to finish ?

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asked 03 Feb '14, 10:06

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Arun kmp
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SK53 ♦

Rank 26 and 30 nearly having four crore and twenty six lakhs objects.

(25 Mar '14, 08:58) Arun kmp

The numbers mean "I have completed 6.6 million objects on rank 26 in 126k seconds which means I can do 52 per second; I assume that it will take another 126k seconds to complete rank 26." - this means that rank 26 is going to take another 1.5 days. The ranks that come after 26, in my experience, aren't such a big deal but you'll have to wait and see.

The "slow place_id" is just a debug message that can help you find out which objects took exceptionally long to index. I usually ignore it - but if you have very many of these then it simply means your system is slow.

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answered 03 Feb '14, 10:32

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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SK53 ♦

thank you Frederik Ramm,

Actually how many million objects are there for North America in rank 26?

(03 Feb '14, 11:05) Arun kmp

Rank 30 is also rather heavy on processing and can easily take as long as rank 26.

(03 Feb '14, 12:39) lonvia

How many objects in Each Rank?

(03 Feb '14, 12:53) Arun kmp

I appreciate this answer. As someone who was building the server for the first time, I was also wondering about how long it would take.

(24 May '23, 14:25) zakzebrowski

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