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How do I disable the "area" graphic when editing? It's present in higher magnifications and not there when zoomed further out. The haze is offputting.

Many thanks

Matt (newbie)

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asked 31 Jan '14, 19:13

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Can you perhaps point to a point on the map where this happens? I'm assuming that you're talking about the online "iD" editor and that you're editing somewhere where there's some sort of landuse (such as residential or retail) where you're trying to edit. Is that correct?

(31 Jan '14, 19:17) SomeoneElse ♦

(Regarding the user's edits he refers to iD.)
At the moment you cannot change the way areas are displayed in the iD editor. The issue is known and sooner or later will be solved by its developers (your help is welcome :) ).

Maybe you want to try another editing program from the top three. Of course I recommend JOSM but other people say it has a steep learning curve.


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answered 01 Feb '14, 10:47

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Hello malenki,

My browser shows the following address when the area haze becomes a problem:

Sorry to be over-sensitive, but I would have thought I could disable this area object while editing, and believe me I have a lot of editing to do!

Also, I'm not sure how accurate this "area" really is, especially since it disappears altogether at wider magnifications. I'd love to just delete it, but I've no idea who this would upset.

Many thanks, Matt

(01 Feb '14, 19:40) MapMoose

I can only repeat myself:
You cannot change the display mode of the editor you use.
You can try an other editor.
And you should not delete stuff just because the editor is inconvenient.

(01 Feb '14, 19:45) malenki

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