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While using TagInfo I've noticed several obviously mis-spelled tag values such as 'confectionary' and 'stationary' - example here

Is there any way I can locate these on the map and bulk correct them using JOSM or Potlatch? Searching on OverpassTurbo for 'shop=confectionary' times out unless a fairly small area of the map is being searched.

Advice appreciated.

asked 25 Jan '14, 08:10

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When a tag / values has a small number of entries, you can load them directly from Taginfo into JOSM by clicking the JOSM button under the search bar. Cheers Alecs

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answered 25 Jan '14, 08:58

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Those queries shouldn't timeout, as they are very simple and return less than 100 items. When I search for confectionary for example, it finishes in less than 30 seconds. Perhaps you were unlucky and arrived at a time where the server was very busy.

For other cases, you can tweak your query for example by raising the timeout parameter or limiting the output to fewer items. Another important trick is to only query the necessary element types (for example in my query I did not query relations, only nodes and ways). Remember that there are multiple installations of the overpass API; if one is too busy maybe try the other one.

For the specific issue of misspelled tags, keepright and OSMI have checks that will find some of them. But beware of false positives.

Lastly, please be conservative when doing that kind of semi-automated edits with JOSM. Double-check everything by hand. Correcting < 100 clear-cut typos like this is ok, but don't fix thousands of items at a time or convert "deprecated" tagging without discussing it with the community beforehand (see the mechanical edits policy).

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answered 25 Jan '14, 11:21

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Vincent de P... ♦
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edited 25 Jan '14, 11:23

Do not bulk-replace what you believe to be typos without discussing them on a suitable mailing list (that covers the area you intend to make edits in). Such un-discussed mass edits violate our Mechanical Edit Policy and will be reverted.

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answered 25 Jan '14, 11:38

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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I can assure you (and Vincent) that I had no intention of doing unchecked bulk edits – I am far more careful than that in my editing. If I have any doubt I leave things as they are. Perhaps I should have worded my question better and asked if there was any way to 'bulk identify' rather than 'bulk correct'. Apologies if I caused any concern.

(26 Jan '14, 01:17) NZGraham

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