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I was reading my local news paper and they are promoting a charity cycle ride which is good. The maps appeared to be OSM so I emailed them and suggested they mention OSM. I got a quick reply. The maps are from . Checking their site reveals they do use OSM but apart from the openSM box. OSM get little or no mention. What should I /We do?

asked 23 Jan '14, 22:47

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andy mackey
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update.. mapometer now put "(c) openstreetmap contributors " on the map.

(17 Jul '14, 23:13) andy mackey

Looked at for the first time just now. For the local open space area where I do my morning exercise it looks like they use Google for their "follow roads" option even if the map layer is OSM.

At least in areas where the trails are hidden from satellite imagery by trees the line they draw diverges from the ones shown on the OSM tiles. The OSM version is done based on lots of contributed GPX tracks and Slide

(18 Jul '14, 05:51) n76

See Lacking_proper_attribution (you need a new account for the wiki if you want to add it to the page). However, quite easy what to do now, just continue your emailing - mail mapometer. They even use the tile server (which is somehow okay, and somehow not). However, nice that they offer OSM! Use a positive tone in your email (e.g. mention this).

And, yes, I cannot see a attribution, too (just "© Mapometer Ltd 2013." and "using Google maps"). "OpenSM" is a quite uncommon abbreviation which should either be OSM or OpenStreetMap, but that is unrelated to the license issue.

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answered 23 Jan '14, 23:17

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I have posted a comment in their suggestion box

(24 Jan '14, 00:17) andy mackey

What's worse, because they are using the Goolge Maps framework to display OSM, the little "Terms of use" link in the corner of the map when showing OSM tiles points to Google's terms.

(24 Jan '14, 19:55) Frederik Ramm ♦

IMHO everything is based on politeness. Don't forget that we are an OPEN project and don't wan't to tell people not to use our maps. Of course it's ok to ask them to play fair and give back the 'repect' and the opportunity to get new mappers :)

(24 Jan '14, 20:22) iii

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