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I am trying to download a relation and all of its members in JOSM. The relation 161648 (admin_level = 4) (Nebraska boundary). I am trying to make sure that the relation members are sorted and I understand I can do that in JOSM. When I go to download object, It looks like it tries to make a connection to OpenStreetMap API and it fails. It comes back with no data. I have enabled remote control in JOSM. Also when I push the edit in OpenStreetMap, JOSM start to make a connection and comes back with the message "Failed to open a connection to the remote server"

asked 22 Jan '14, 15:36

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Side question: why would you want to sort admin boundary members?

(22 Jan '14, 16:30) RM87

I am trying to create a SQLGeography object from the admin boundary using C# and it cannot. I believe it results in illegal polygons due to sorting issues. At least that is my guess.

(22 Jan '14, 16:44) kcjailbirds

Couldn't you sort the relation in the client program? It'll only get unsorted again when someone updates the relation in OSM.

(22 Jan '14, 16:46) SomeoneElse ♦

Not sure how to do that.

(22 Jan '14, 16:54) kcjailbirds

If your sorting fixes an actual problem in the relation (such as making sure that the ways form a continuous ring with no gap) then go ahead and fix the data. If it is some problem related to your software (for example requiring outer rings before inner ones), then fix your software instead.

(22 Jan '14, 17:02) Vincent de P... ♦

...And checking the relation in question, it looks fine. No sorting required. Go fix your software :)

(22 Jan '14, 17:08) Vincent de P... ♦

Thanks Vincent! The same software works well with other states in US that I have tried so far. Neighboring states to Nebraska like Missouri, Iowa, and Kansas all work well but not Nebraska. How did you check the relation in question and noticed no sorting was required?

(22 Jan '14, 17:30) kcjailbirds

Checked the relation by opening it in josm and seeing that it constitute a single well-ordered ring.

(22 Jan '14, 19:31) Vincent de P... ♦
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A few suggestions :

  • The hostname has a typo in your question. Try going into josm "preferences -> connection settings" and check "use the default osm server url".
  • Can you download using a web browser like firefox ? If not, there is some kind of network problem that isn't JOSM's fault.
  • Check your josm proxy setting by going to "preferences -> connection settings -> proxy settings" if you connect to the internet via a proxy (copy the config from your internet browser).
  • It's probably not the problem, but make sure that you are using a recent version of josm (6502 is the current stable).
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answered 22 Jan '14, 16:35

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Vincent de P... ♦
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sorry, it actually says "faile to open connection to the remote server I am trying to download it from JOSM so that I can attempt to sort the members.

(22 Jan '14, 16:50) kcjailbirds

I am also using version 6502 of JOSM.

(22 Jan '14, 16:50) kcjailbirds

Ok, what about the 2nd suggestion (downloading using a browser to test for non-josm problems) ?

(22 Jan '14, 17:04) Vincent de P... ♦

I did download the relation using the browser. That only gave me the ways forming the relation and not the nodes. Is their a way to get a download of the ways and nodes that form the relation and ways?

(22 Jan '14, 17:27) kcjailbirds

Are you behind a proxy ? You need to configure the proxy in JOSM

(22 Jan '14, 17:37) escada

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