At this point: http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=17/38.15330/-4.05164

I have some areas tagged with landuse=plant_nursery.

According to the features-wiki this should be rendered with a color different than white but it isn't. Any explanation? Marc.

asked 20 Jan '14, 14:06

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I don't think the default rendering has ever rendered plant nursery (certainly not since I first mapped one). The no longer existing Osmarender layer might have done. The image on the wiki, if you look back to the original proposal is just a suggested rendering. Every stylesheet can make their own decision, and currently I'm fairly sure it just isn't rendered on the default layer at osm.org.

I just checked and it has been a wish list item since probably this ticket, and is still an issue according to this duplicate.

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answered 20 Jan '14, 14:53

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The explanation is that the wiki page is just a suggestion to renderers of how items might be rendered. Editing a wiki page is easy; creating a map style that reflects lots of conflicting requirements is hard, which is why the former gets done more than the latter.

The stylesheet used by the "standard" style on OpenStreetMap.org is here. I can't see any reference to "plant_nursery" in it, so the place to start if you think that the standard map ought to render it is at the issues list there. Unfortunately, because there are an infinite number of possible tags, every feature can't be displayed and still have the map look legible, so not every "please can the standard map render X" request can be accommodated.

Of course, if you want to create a map yourself that renders plant_nursery, you can, by modifying the style file (perhaps using something like TileMill to help), or if 15,000 lines of XML is scary and you're happy with plant nurseries looking like some existing feature, then you could take this approach.

Someone may, of course, have already done this. May try asking people who've mapped "plant_nursery", or the proposer of the wiki page?

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answered 20 Jan '14, 14:54

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Thanks SomeoneElse, your answer clears up the mud! Marc.

(20 Jan '14, 15:05) marczoutendijk

Marc welcome, as you could read in the WIKI as well, the image is the result of our (your) work and the renderer. The rendering is out of our hands, dont tag for the renderer, please read these pages as well http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Rendering_maps. If the nurserys are part of a complex, you could join them all together in multypoligones.

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Thank you for that answer. I did read the page you pointed me to, but I'm not tagging for the renderer but for the map to show faithfully what is "on the ground". I probably don't understand the rules/backgrounds of rendering. When I tag some piece of land as "orchard" or "forest" it shows up on the basic OSM map with different colors withing seconds after I made the change. If I follow this:


my understanding is that if I tag according to what is in the value column, the map should show what is in the rendering column. This indeed happens with "orchard", "basin", "forest", resedential" and many others. Why then not with "plant_nursery"?

Thanks for helping me any further with this,


(20 Jan '14, 14:47) marczoutendijk

(moved to be a comment on the answer to which it was a comment on, based on timings). As to where the image in the "map features" page came from, you'd have to asked the person who created it (who is also the proposer of the tag). As EdLoach says, it might have been the old "OsmaRender" rendering.

(20 Jan '14, 15:05) SomeoneElse ♦

Scanning through the Map Features page, there are a ton of them that have incorrect renderings shown. Someone needs to go through and update them.

(20 Jan '14, 21:25) alester
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