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Dear all, i would like to ask if it is still possible to download shape files form open street map. because 2 years ago we were doing project in moscow and we actually bought good gis filed from OSM. is it still possible now? which email should i be contacting? thanks a lot in advance! luuk

asked 20 Jan '14, 10:56

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answered 20 Jan '14, 11:26

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If you are looking for specifically configured shape files in places like Russia, rather than the generic shape files produced by Geofabrik, then look to either the Moscow-based NextGIS ( or Geofabrik themselves. Both offer data preparation services.

(20 Jan '14, 12:08) SK53 ♦

This help site should be more neutral about commercial services around OSM. Especially when this company is managed by your friends.

(20 Jan '14, 13:21) Pieren

Sorry, Pieren, I didn't realise that free services provided by commercial companies were out of bounds. Perhaps you might like to disclose your own real name and affiliation so we can judge your own contributions with the same exactitude.

(20 Jan '14, 14:58) Richard ♦

The shapefile "free service" is limited to some features. If you need more, you have to contact them, and that's probably not for free. And don't worry, I'm not personnally involved in any GIS company or any business working with OSM data.

(20 Jan '14, 15:49) Pieren

Come on folks, I guess it's not a problem pointing to single companies but personally I like to give general feedback that might help the questioner to get it's own personal answer.

(20 Jan '14, 18:00) iii

If you need custom files you can try to get them on misc. portals or try to create them by yourself
You can also ask consultants to do the job for you, if it's timecritical

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answered 20 Jan '14, 12:35

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