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I've created three buildings within a landuse=residential, but the buildings disappear when I zoom up close. I can see the buildings and the landuse in JOSM, but in the main web site they disappear.

Any idea of why is this happening? --> (just zoom in and out where the marker is to check)

Please note that I'm a newbie contributor, and this is my first attemp

asked 18 Jan '14, 23:42

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David Hurt
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Hi David, welcome to OSM!

I see the building even in close zoom levels. This is likely a issue of caching in your browser. When the buildings disappear hit Ctrl+F5 on your keyboard to do a cache-circumventing refresh of the map images. The buildings should show up then.

See also road-appears-and-disappears-at-different-scales and how-often-does-the-main-mapnik-map-get-updated (mainly discussing server-side issues).

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answered 18 Jan '14, 23:57

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This question comes up so often. . . Is there a way a moderator could make this "sticky" so that it could stay visible at the top of all questions for new comers?

(19 Jan '14, 00:10) n76

haha, what a stupid thing. Ctrl+F5 solved it.

I even had tested with a different browser... what seemed to had also the images cached :-)


(19 Jan '14, 00:28) David Hurt

meta: @stf: soon we will have covered all possible title wordings so it comes up in the list of suggestions when someone writes a new question. ;-)

(19 Jan '14, 02:14) aseerel4c26 ♦

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