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I am currently mapping a towhnouse complex ("Fernbrook") in suburban Brisbane: Is the current mapping the ideal one? I just mapped a block of buildings for the moment, which makes it more easy to have an idea of how the complex is subdivided.

More precisely, I would like to know:

  • Should the whole complex be tagged as a residential area with a name?
  • Are the addresses including the street number supposed to be a node placed at the entrance (i.e. the gate) of each part of this complex?
  • Is each building tagged properly, i.e. should the house number also be tagged for each building? Are the unit numbers (e.g. "addr:unit=11,12,13") tagged properly?
  • Should a relation be used here? (Be it joining all the buildings as part of the complex, or giving all the buildings of one block the same address)


asked 18 Jan '14, 02:23

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I like a clarification of what you mean by townhouse. Modern British context is a terrace of houses with a garage on the ground floor and living accommodation on the higher floors (usually 2/3 rooms per floor). From your query this does not seem to be what you are talking about.

(18 Jan '14, 09:30) SK53 ♦

I've got a similar question about residential blocks composed by more than one building. See pic at

Mapping each individual building seems more accurate, but then the whole residential area (including park and swimming pool is not mapped...

(18 Jan '14, 10:05) David Hurt

If the buildings are multifamily, I map individual buildings. You can also add green areas and swimming pools. It takes more time, of course (still needs more work). If the area is composed of individual single family houses, I just do one residential area. Attaching an example of the buildings I did recently. Regards, Martin

(18 Jan '14, 15:22) slover98

" (still needs more work)" refers to the example....

(18 Jan '14, 15:23) slover98

cool, thanks. I've tagged the common area as landuse=residential, I think it's more accurate, since it's private (partly green, but private). Inside the residential area are the three building.

this is my first contribution. I'll add more data!

(18 Jan '14, 16:34) David Hurt

Hi SK53. In my case, the buildings look like townhouses but are horizontally divided in different units. I guess I could also use building:part because the units are physically distinct.

(19 Jan '14, 00:11) stephane-gui...

@David Hurt: your link does not show an image for me. Seems it needs javascript, cookie, whatever permissions. In addition: please open a new question for... new questions. Thank you.

(19 Jan '14, 02:32) aseerel4c26 ♦
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answered 18 Jan '14, 15:22

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Hi Slover98. It would be great if you could comment your picture, the renderer does not make any tagging convention explicit.

(19 Jan '14, 00:04) stephane-gui...

Hi Stephane: I am guessing you are asking for an actual link to the example I showed (?). If so, here is the link to the whole residential subdivision. Regards, Martin

(19 Jan '14, 00:37) slover98

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