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In OSMAnd for Android, there are two different entries for the "Höfinghoffstraße" in Ennepetal (Germany).

  1. Höffinghoffstraße
  2. Höfinghoffstraße

The correct name is "Höfinghoffstraße". There are also assigned to different house numbers.

How can I merge these entries?

asked 17 Jan '14, 19:04

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Is this the place?

Where is the other with double ff?

(18 Jan '14, 00:48) slover98

Seems to be @Voltadino can you please confirm?

(18 Jan '14, 18:27) iii

Yes, this is the place I meant. In OsmAnd + (Android) two different places "Höfinghoffstraße" are listed in Ennepetal: screenshot

There are also two different address ranges: Höffinghoffstraße 2-21 and Höfinghoffstraße 14-68 (even numbers). May you both roads with the correct name "Höfinghoffstraße" merge with the right house numbers? The first odd number starts with "3"

(19 Jan '14, 12:15) Voltadino

Du you actually have a current map file installed for OsmAnd?

(19 Jan '14, 12:26) SimonPoole ♦

The map "Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen" I have installed on 1/17/2014

(19 Jan '14, 12:36) Voltadino

Hi: I see the problem. I don't know how to merge them but I checked the street and it seems that there are not that many buildings with two ff in the name. I use Potlatch and I did a screen shot of what I would do.

I would select the buildings that have two ff in the name by holding the Ctr key. Once all are selected, in the advance tags view you simply replace ff with one f. You can click on any house, if the addr:street remains the same (i.e. with two ff), it means that you clicked on the right building. If it will change to 'different' it means you clicked on the building which has a different name, so you need to 'unclick' it and continue. All houses will keep their individual street numbers (it will show as 'different' in the tag field).

After the OSM update, the street with ff should disappear. However, I don't know whether OSM keeps old names in some memory and for how long etc. If the wrong street name still appears after the update and you are sure you replaced all ff with f, I would contact another OSM board and ask them about it (a possible glitch):!forum/osmand

Regards, Martinalt text

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answered 19 Jan '14, 14:08

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Thanks for reporting this issue :)

I lookup the data and indeed there was an discrepancy between the name of the road way "Höfinghoffstraße" and some of the housenumbers "Höffinghoffstraße". I don't know the OsmAnd preprocessing, but it sounds reasonable to me that this will derive into 2 different road names.
So I fixed the spelling using JOSM editor and filtered all buildings for that.

P.S: You can use our 'notes' feature at to drop a note directly on the map. So hopefully someone with local knowledge can help to fix such issues ;)

P.P.S: I also removed the streetnames from the footways as IMHO it's bad tagging style, as footways usually don't have nor need a name tag and maintaining and keeping them in sync is a possible way to provoke mistakes.

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answered 19 Jan '14, 14:16

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In the case of a mapper who already has a few edits, I think it would be a better choice in the future to provide instructions, but still let them solve the problem themselves so they learn how to do it. Note that the question was "How can I merge these entries", not "please fix it for me".

(19 Jan '14, 15:28) Tordanik

You are right, but I expected my hint to JOSM was enough. Of course I will give some more details:

  • Download the area from OSM
  • CTRL+F searchs for all objects. Here it just selects the buildings with the wrong streetname
  • In mainwindow right side is the 'tag' toolbox that lists all tags. You doublick the addr:streetname tag as it holds only Höffinghoffstraße
  • In editbox you change it to Höfinghoffstraße
  • Upload to osm
(19 Jan '14, 15:43) iii

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