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Hi, I've been adding stuff for several years now, and often dip in if I find something missing. While I'm in there, I often fix obviously bad roads if it's in the area I'm editing, by following the satellite view more correctly. Often country roads with very jagged routes. Am I wasting my time? does some auto robot come along and undo my fix every now and then?

Thanks J

asked 13 Jan '14, 13:44

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That should be fine. Openstreetmap has lots of such incremental improvements. You might want to check where possible that the satellite imagery aligns with any available GPS traces, but if there aren't any then at some point in the future when there is the mapping can be refined again.

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answered 13 Jan '14, 14:15

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Ok thanks. I often find remote roads where I go fellwalking very rough, so I fix em a bit. Happy someone fixes them better someday, but was bothered some auto update undone it all.


(13 Jan '14, 14:18) Jethro10

Be careful to not blindly trust satellite views. Bing can be shifted to the real position. It can also vary with zoom levels.

(13 Jan '14, 14:20) Pieren

Yeah, i do see zoom levels changing, and it can mess stuff up. However my roads are often zig zags and not curves. I'm sure it's closer when I finish.

(13 Jan '14, 15:03) Jethro10

My rule of thumb is to add enough nodes to get the road to stay within its outline on the imagery - so if it's taking shortcuts then add a few more nodes, but don't worry about adding hundreds of nodes on each corner.

(14 Jan '14, 17:26) Andy Allan

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