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alt textThe following image shows a street divided into two parts, which are not connected. The routing seems to be wrong. Why is this?

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asked 11 Feb '11, 23:45

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Firstly, it would help if you could give a link to that location on OpenRouteService or OpenStreetMap, use the "Permalink" option. I assume it is at this location.

Checking on OpenStreetmap, it seems that street has been edited recently, possibly by you? I think the two parts of the street were connected to each other, which causes the routing error in your example.

Note in the top right corner of OpenRouteService, it says its using OSM data from 16.01.11. So it won't use any edits / corrections since then. I'm not sure how often OpenRouteService updates the data, but I think its fairly frequently. So wait a while, then the routing should work correctly. Or there are other OSM based online routing services that update more often, you could try one of them instead.

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answered 13 Feb '11, 15:04

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Thank you very much for your explanation! Yes, I edited the map more than a week ago. I haven't seen the date in top right corner and supposed that he routing is based on the visible version.

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answered 13 Feb '11, 17:18

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If the roads are not connected you can edit map so it is correct

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answered 13 Feb '11, 14:03

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andy mackey
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I see that you may not have tried editing before please have a go potlach 2 works well, even I can do it.If you mess up you can undo or exit without saving. good luck

(13 Feb '11, 14:09) andy mackey
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