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Hi, I want to know the methods to update the map repository for my city. After study OSM, i found JOSM, Web ID method to update the maps like speed limit, street name etc. Can you please let me know other methods through which i can enrich the OSM repository for my city? Also what is the use of uploading GPX file?

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asked 08 Jan '14, 08:13

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Thanks everyone. I am looking for a mobile based tool or application through which i can update the current street name, speed limit or update road network while travelling

(08 Jan '14, 12:34) fsrehman

Welcome. The Potlatch2 editor is my choice and I have used it a lot to add to the map data, you can find more information in the documentation or wiki

GPX traces used to be the most used method of positioning ways (roads or paths) POI (points of interest) and now possibly most used to align and check aerial image accuracy. Some areas may not have good aerial images or it may be out of date. In these areas GPX traces are the best way to accurately map. If you are fortunate enough to have good aerial imagery you can work without adding GPX info if you know your area well and/or if survey it to confirm things haven't changed. Happy Mapping.

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answered 08 Jan '14, 08:54

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There are plenty of editors for osm, and also non-editor tools that can be used to modify data. It would be easyer to answer your question if you explained why you are dissatisfied with the tools you tried or what you are trying to achieve.

iD, JOSM and Potlach are the most featurefull / futureproof editors right now, I suggest spending a good bit of time on one or the other before deciding that your use-case isn't well served by them and looking at other possibilities.

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answered 08 Jan '14, 10:15

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On Android I can recommend Vespucci, On iOS I think that Go Map!! is one of the most popular full-featured editor.

(08 Jan '14, 13:12) Vincent de P... ♦

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