Given the points of a Tube map, marked up some way, is there a good tool to draw the graph? Graphviz?

I'm looking to generate a minimal SVG version of for my mobile.

Tired of doing it by hand in Inkscape.

asked 08 Jan '14, 05:48

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The map you link to as a similar style to the London tube map which as you probably know is a schematic and not to scale. I would just use a Jpeg of it, which you can zoom in and out of. London map history

(08 Jan '14, 09:21) andy mackey

I've used Graphviz for lots of simple things over the years like flow charts, block diagrams of network wiring, etc. Quick and relatively easy to do for the job it was originally developed for.

But if it is possible to to make something as nice as the tube map you linked to in Graphviz it would really, really surprise me. I'm pretty sure a good graphic designer and/or cartographer put in some hours to make it look that good.

I hope someone else chimes in with a software tool that will do that for you as I'd like to learn about it but would not be surprised if it either does not exist or is very expensive.

Looks like your Inkscape effort is quite good, congratulations on that.

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answered 08 Jan '14, 07:02

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I think you could use mapnik's vertex converters to do the work. Annoyingly I couldn't find proper documentation for it, but it seems that you'll need to write some code to make it work, not just write a stylesheet. You might have better luck asking on the mapnik forum.

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answered 08 Jan '14, 09:58

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