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It is not uncommon for a named area of woodland to consist of parcels or compartments of different tree types. When these consist of solid blocks of coniferous trees on the one hand, and of broad-leaved deciduous trees on the other, it does not seem to be straightforward to map the complete wood without duplicating the name. The example I have in mind is Coed Victoria, Llanberis, which consists of oak woodland on the south and spruce plantations to the north.

Has anyone got better ideas of how to map such places than my current attempt?

asked 03 Jan '14, 17:47

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For starters, I wouldn't distinguish them by using landuse=forest for one and natural=wood for the other, unless you really have just the west parcel used for forestry / harvesting (or whatever your position on the wood/forest debate may be).

To me, the cleanest way to represent this is a multipolygon relation containing two outer ways. Put the common tags (name=Coed Victoria, source:name=*, natural=wood) on the multipolygon, and the differing tags (wood=*, deciduous=*, coniferous=*) on the individual ways.

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answered 03 Jan '14, 18:55

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Actually I throroughly agree with your first point. Totally on the wood side!

(03 Jan '14, 19:54) SK53 ♦

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