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We are a hotel in Boquete, and we would like to print maps for our customers. Based on a long research, we found your maps the best. I already exported an osm file with the requested map, but I have no idea how can I convert osm file to something else what we could print. I tried every apps that google has recommended (fileviewer, arcgis etc) but still unable to do this. can anyone help with a simple solution please? thanks in advance.

asked 30 Dec '13, 15:24

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Did you try the "Share" option in the OpenStreetMap site? Instead of creating a map out of OSM file, it would be much easier export the map from the OpenStreetMap site itself. Once you click "Share", you can select the area to be exported, output formats (png, jpg, svg & pdf) and scale. Please don't forget to credit OpenStreetMap in the printed map. Please see for details.

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answered 30 Dec '13, 16:32

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hi, thanks for your quick reply. I have not tried, and it works, thanks again. only problem that I would like to use a much bigger part of the map that fits in my screen, and I can not zoom out as I need it to be detailed as well. This means I have to make manually a lot of printscreens via share, is this ight?

(30 Dec '13, 16:59) vbige

You are welcome. If you select "Set custom dimensions" option, you can select a part of the map. You can scroll around and select a portion of map which is bigger than your screen size. You may have to change the scale a bit to see the details in the resulting image.

(30 Dec '13, 17:22) BlueTiger

Beside embedding an online map on any webpage:

Have a look at the OSM wiki about OSM_on_Paper if you want to produce some printed work ... there are several possibilities

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answered 30 Dec '13, 16:59

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I would suggest Maperitive as a tool which you can use to produce larger scale maps than the straight export. The standard rendering rules should be adequate for your purposes and you can use the .OSM file which you have already obtained.

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answered 30 Dec '13, 17:10

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