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Hello all

I am a newbie in JOSM. Totally Dummie. For the starts i can even select anything, even following the tips available on tutorials.It´s friendly like a dobermann.

asked 29 Dec '13, 11:55

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Luis Bahiana
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aseerel4c26 ♦

As your question is currently very unspecific, it's hard to suggest any detailed solution :(

Maybe you need to keep in mind that JOSM looks/behaves more like a professional GIS editor (geo information system) than an simple POI editor. It offers a lot of possibilities and extensions, but don't get confused, at the beginning you just need 1..2 features.

So if you want to befriend that doberman, you need to play with it and go forward step by step:

You just need to spend some time and allow yourself to make mistakes and learn, as everybody here in the OSM universe did before ;)

If you are still unhappy or feel that JOSM doesn't suit you, you might also check out alternative editors.

If you like to post something about your specific problem, anybody here or perhaps in your local area is willing to help you to do the challenge :)

P.S: Personally I feel that JOSM has become very user friendly during the past years and has a very nice usability compared with other tools in the freeGIS ecosystem...

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answered 29 Dec '13, 12:19

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Frederik Ramm ♦

@"i can even select anything": see , it is not hard (just to mention jet another introduction page to JOSM)

(29 Dec '13, 15:05) aseerel4c26 ♦

... and not to forget:

(30 Dec '13, 17:06) stephan75

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