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Currently, in Potlatch 2 I have to do this:

  1. Click street.
  2. Click street's end point (the whole street is still selected).
  3. Hit Esc (now only the point is selected).
  4. Click drop-down on the left.
  5. Select Transport.
  6. Scroll to the bottom.
  7. Click Turning circle.
  8. Repeat.

Is there a way to select multiple nodes in different ways to at least have to do steps 4-7 once? If not, is there a way to select a node in one-click as opposed to my steps 1-3?

I don't think I can use R to my advantage because of the need to select the street in between working with nodes. If I could learn to select a single node with a single click, I could probably use R. That would be cool.

asked 11 Feb '11, 02:00

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For the second and subsequent street ends, use the Potlatch2 "repeat" function. Select the end node, then press r. The repeat function will copy the tags from the previously selected node, to the currently selected node.

Subsequent turning_circle nodes can be marked this way.

Click street.
Click street's end point (the whole street is still selected).

  1. Click street
  2. Click street's end point
  3. Press ESC (only the end node is selected)
  4. Press r
  5. Repeat
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answered 11 Feb '11, 02:09

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Richard Weait
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Thanks, I assumed that would not work, I should have just tried.

(11 Feb '11, 02:15) ponzu

this "r" repeat function is useful, worth repeating! works for pylons and legs of streets with same name

(10 Jun '11, 22:07) andy mackey
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