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asked 24 Dec '13, 05:51

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4.9k84082 doesn't has the primary goal to be a replacement to enduser portals as Google Maps for example. Currently it's more a webmap for the contributors to see the rendered geodata and explore the areas. This is for example the reason, why the default mapstyle has some visual clutter as it contains a lot of objects and attributes (more that is needed for a single dedicated user scenario like car driving). The role of the portal is discussed controversal, some aspects can be found here:

But the advantage of OSM is that there is a big commmunity that creates mashups and a lot of tools to work with the data and the rendered maps, that aren't visible at the main website:

For your specific request, you might use this route editor:

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answered 24 Dec '13, 07:44

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OK, thanks, but I am submitting all the same, to hopefully get this implemented eventually.

(28 Dec '13, 23:54) jidanni

Thank you for creating the feature request. Unfortunatly I fear that there is just to much work that needs to be done at design by a very smal dev team, that they will add it soon. But let's see :)

(29 Dec '13, 10:20) iii

According to this will NOT be implemented.

(29 Dec '13, 23:58) jidanni

You can't do this on the Front page, but there's various other places on the web where you can overlay KML on top of OpenStreetMap easily.

There's probably others. These are also listed at KML#Simple KML viewing on the wiki. ...mind you I haven't tested these with a KMZ file.

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answered 29 Dec '13, 02:17

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Harry Wood
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Well that is very nice but one notes that some don't even deal with KMZ and or even seem to work at all. Nonetheless an official still needs to be implemented.

(29 Dec '13, 02:30) jidanni

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