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Hello, I tried to check the licences , T&C and other copyright papers, but didn't found anything specific. I have a simple question. I recently have installed NavFree for iphone. It seems like they are providing each app for each region and you cannot cross the borders of the regions, without switching between apps or buying the OpenStreetMaps as inapp-purchase. Is that legal? They are asking money for the product, which is intended to be open and which is developed by third party. I found no references for NavFree that they are partners or sponsors or whatever.

asked 22 Dec '13, 14:27

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It is not illegal to ask for money for OSM data. However, if someone distributes a database derived from OSM (which I assume the NavFree data files will be), then that database must be under the ODbL, which would mean that while you cannot force them to release the file to you free of charge, someone else who has bought the file from them has every right to pass it on to you. They cannot make terms that forbid you to copy their OSM-derived database.

If, however, you have chosen a hardware/software platform where software and data files cannot be easily copied from one user to another then I'm not sure if you can fault NavFree for that.

If the file they are distributing is encrypted or protected in some form that makes it impossible to pass it on, then they must make available an alternate, un-protected version of the data on demand. Again, such "alternative distribution" might not be of much use to you if you have chosen a hardware/software platform where you cannot easily install a file.

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answered 22 Dec '13, 14:37

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