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Here's another Thailand related question having to do with rural fueling stations. How should I tag an amenity=fuel where the fuel is dispensed by an automatic machine that accepts paper money? You insert a 100 baht note like you would in a laundromat and the machine pumps 100 baht worth of gas.

These unattended pumps are popping up all over northern Thailand and will probably soon replace the older, hand pumped gasoline sellers that I asked about in here a few weeks ago.

I found payment:coins=yes in Taginfo but this isn't strictly accurate because paper money must be used. Maybe accurate enough though. Opinions or suggestions?

asked 22 Dec '13, 13:07

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The same wiki page that mentions payment:coins also mentions payment:cash and payment:notes. It sound to me like you're looking for payment:notes if coins are not accepted.

There's some information at the bottom of the page for specifying the currencies accepted too, although that sounds like it would be a little redundant.

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answered 22 Dec '13, 14:13

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In that case it seems useful to add payment:coins=no.

(22 Dec '13, 14:48) scai ♦

Well, I have to plead stupidity on this one. Yep, it's all right there, plain as day.

Thanks for the help.

(23 Dec '13, 00:25) AlaskaDave

It's always a good idea to ask the local community, maybe they already have a prevered way of tagging such objects:

So even if it's primary goal is obviously related to amenity=fuel_station, it's automatic character would fit to amenity=vending_machine :/

For both aproaches a payment:cash=yes seems to be the preferred way to express this style of payment.

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answered 22 Dec '13, 17:49

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Yes, I'll certainly do that but I thought I'd check here first.

I've got the answer I need but it was right in front of me all the time ;-)

(23 Dec '13, 00:27) AlaskaDave

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