I'm currently in Cambodia, and as most part of south asia, motorcycle is very widely used. Thus, motorbike repair station are a vital place that ought to be put on openstreetmap.

I'm very new to mapping in openstreetmap, and I'm using JOSM but must be concidered also as a total newbie on this topic.

I browsed the possible values to tag the place, and didn't find the correct denomination: It's not a garage (no roof, no cars, just people with a few tools and some knowledge).

Or if I'm in a bar-restaurant, should I put the attribute amenity to "bar" or "restaurant", or is it possible to put both ?

As a newbie, this sort of consideration must arise quite often. What to do when we don't find the exact tag in JOSM for the node we want to describe ?

The final objective is to publish on OpenStreetMap of course.

Sorry if this is widely known topic.

asked 22 Dec '13, 10:46

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Hi use shop=motorcycle and look here http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:shop or http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:shop%3Dmotorcycle_repair. Both are in the WIKI, if you search for a tag be creative naming a subject.

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answered 22 Dec '13, 11:35

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Since JOSM presets (and OSM data) reflect only what has been mapped heavily up to know it is a little difficult to start in a new region with features different from what has been up to now.
I experienced this, too, for bars with restaurants but so far haven't made up my mind what to do.
If you look for pobably appropriate tags you could also have a glimpse at taginfo.openstreetmap.org/. It is helpful to look up what kind of tags are in use.

For the motorcycle repairs: When the repair men are there day by day you could tag it as Hendrikklaas described it and add a tag as hint that it happens in the open space - maybe outdoors=yes.


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answered 23 Dec '13, 07:03

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Malenki a good one, Vaab consider tags as roof or covered if they use a shelter against heavy rain showers as well, without surrounding walls.

(23 Dec '13, 10:08) Hendrikklaas
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